Anxiety, another obstacle to delay pregnancy

Delay pregnancy– Those who have had problems of this kind know how horrible it can become a short period of time. Anxiety is a strong enemy that can play against us in many situations of our life. The feeling of frustration at not getting delay pregnancy is an incentive. The stress generated by the anguish you experience becomes another obstacle to achieving it.

Wanting to have a baby is almost always cause for joy. Unfortunately, trying it every month without success can unleash many frustrations in the couple. Sometimes, in the mother’s mind, that invested time is too long, so the problems begin.

Anxiety states in women who want to get pregnant can trigger physical or psychological problems. In many cases, even coexistence with the couple is at risk, especially when they begin to generate discussions about who may be responsible for the baby has not yet come on the road.

There are many women who do not get pregnant after several attempts begin to feel a great disappointment. What not everyone knows is that this can contribute to enlarge the fertility problem.

Just as stress generates mood swings and physical ailments in both genders, in situations like these it can be terrible for women .

A study confirms that anxiety is the enemy of delay pregnancy

obstacle to delay pregnancy

To test the way stress influences, researchers at the University of Ohio followed up on 500 women. The age range was between 18 and 40 years old, and they had never experienced fertility problems. All of them had in common that they were trying to get pregnant.

These women were measured two biological indicators of stress that are present in saliva, such as alpha-amylase and cortisol. They found that those with high levels of these indicators were 29% less likely to become pregnant.

Later, when comparing the information with that of women who had low levels of this enzyme , they discovered that they were more than twice as likely not to delay pregnancy after 12 months of regular unprotected sex.

Remember that you begin to consider that there may be infertility when the couple has tried to conceive for a year without success. When both seek delay pregnancy without success, it is normal that disillusionment and feelings of guilt appear. This, in turn, generates more stress.

Sad husband watching his sad wife

another obstacle to delay pregnancy

Recommending tranquility may sound very easy, but achieving it can be a complicated task. However, one should not give up on this kind of problem.

There are multiple solutions that can be carried out. The important thing is not to let yourself fall or allow this situation to affect other areas of our life. It may be difficult at first, but we have to do our part.

Some tips to end anxiety

the delay pregnancy

Being informed of what happens with your body and what is not normal will give you more security. If 12 months have not yet passed and the specialist does not see anything strange, calm down. It is too early to think about major problems, and it may be anxiety that is acting on you.


Learning breathing techniques, practicing yoga or meditating will reassure you a lot. Also, they are good exercises that will allow your body to prepare for the arrival of the baby. They also improve lung capacity and it’s a great way to find yourself.

Have fun

Keeping busy and enjoying the things you like will make you stop thinking about babies all the time. Go out with your partner, go on a trip or do, in short, activities that help reduce your stress levels. Being constantly thinking about the reasons why you do not get pregnant will only make the situation worse.

discover delay pregnancy

Share your concern

If you feel that you are still in a serious state of anxiety it is important that you speak it. Share what you feel with your partner, probably the same thing happens to him. If you still feel that you need professional help, do not hesitate to ask for it. Removing the stress of your life will help you, and as soon as you stop worrying you will get your desired delay pregnancy.

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