How To Choose A Man?

Whatever one may say, but the main task of a woman is to get married successfully, choose the “right” man who will be the father for the children, and arrange a comfortable family life. Sooner or later everyone understands it, only this understanding comes to different girls at different ages. The question of how to choose a man is very serious, sometimes fatal, and therefore requires a responsible approach. Frivolous actions can leave a serious imprint on life.

How to choose a man to create a family

The principle of the brain of a woman, and of the female in nature in general, is not to search, but to choose the best among the possible options. The task is to weed out the excess and choose the best to continue the race. This is where the trick may be hiding because the choice can be made not by the head, but by some other part of the body.

How To Choose A Man?

Very often, the choice is made HEART, or passion makes it for you when emotions are going wild, and sex is crazy. During this period it seems to you that it is forever, except for him, no one is needed and he is the best. People get married; give birth to children, the euphoria passes and the tale turns into a nightmare.

The second possible option is when the choice is made exclusively by the HEAD and the marriage is made according to the calculation, not important, material or psychological. To live because of the benefits of a person who begins to annoy becomes unbearable.

The ideal option to which you should strive is harmony, both the voices of the head and the heart. Only on this principle is better to choose the right man for marriage.

Before you start sifting out options, determine the vector of your movement.

There are two options.

  1. Do you want to have a ready-made secured man?
  2. You want a guy with the potential that will achieve everything next to you.

The first option seems more attractive at first glance, but a man who has already taken place has well-formed attitudes that you are unlikely to change. You will have to overcome a huge competition, because not only do you want to get such a thing, to work very seriously in order to make him fall in love with yourself and only then adjust his position.

In the second case, the main task is to correctly calculate its potential.

How To Choose A Man?

Personal plans for life.

First, you have to decide on your personal desires, plans for life, and here you can immediately answer the question of how to find a man to create a family – you need to clearly understand what you want. Imagine that choosing a man; you buy a ticket for the liner. You cannot change his course. Your directions and goals should be the same. Find out what he wants from life, what he aspires to, and whether he aspires at all.

Drop and silence your emotions for a while.

Soberly assess the situation from an outside observer. A good option is to wait at least six months when the euphoria of the first love will pass, and you will begin to notice the first shortcomings in the character or attitude of the person. Better yet, wait a longer period. True love does not go away; on the contrary, it comes and grows stronger with time.


Carefully consider all the deficiencies in your partner, both in character and in the circumstances of his life. Only in the period of blind love, it seems that these little things are not important. Think about whether you could put up with all of them in a different situation or with another person. If you accept a person completely now, then he will not understand why you will become dissatisfied or grumbling in the future with the same data.

How To Choose A Man?

Identify its prospects and potential.

This is the most important and most difficult point, as there is no clear algorithm of actions, and everything depends on your intuition. The main thing is not what a man has now, but what he is capable of and capable of at all.

What are his habits? Spending time with friends in fun companies or working? What brings him pleasure?

Can you clearly define goals and achieve your goals? Is able to concentrate or throws everything in half? How strong is his spirit, is he lucky in life, how are people perceived by him? What is his position, sacrifice, leader, good performer? Does he have ambitions to move forward? Are they backed up by hard work, stubbornness or talent?

Ask uninterested people around you whose opinion you appreciate what they think about him. This is not the surest way, but from the side, it is sometimes more visible, especially if the opinions of several people coincide. Let it be not only your friends but his.

When talking with him, spend less time on nonsense. Try to figure out more important things. Look at the results of his past actions and situations. You choose your husband, you choose a father for your children. You choose your future.

How not to choose a man

There are also false criteria for choosing a promising man. They pay attention to them and only short-sighted girls, who are willing to be content with little, evaluate men:

  • Does the man have a car?
  • Does the man have an apartment?
  • Does he dress stylishly?
  • Does he have expensive accessories?

You can wash, dress up, motivate for housing and a car, but you cannot change his brain.

Ashlyn Walker

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