How To Trim The Beard Yourself

A beard makes a face more manly, associated with strength and wisdom (and knowledge of trends!). But if you do not cut it, you risk not passing for a stylish and self-confident young man, but for an untidy bummer. Therefore, today we prescribe how to grow and trim the beard at home.

Why A Beard?

Why not. If you want to change something in appearance, grow a beard – a great option. Simply change the haircut. A beard does not require monetary investments, such as an expensive suit, it is easy to shave it off if you don’t like the result (you can’t easily remove a bad tattoo). So beard is an investment with zero risks. The main thing is not to forget her care.

Differences For Bristles (If So Conceived)

No, this is not a three-day hangover bristle, but a light unshaven, emphasizing your strong-willed chin. The face is thin, and the bristles go far from everyone (especially if you have fair skin and a tendency to dark circles under the eyes), but if you do everything correctly, you can easily (and very quickly!) Change your face for the better.

The bristles almost do not require care, but minimal intervention should still be: align the bottom of the bristles along the line of Adam’s apple, trim the cheeks. If after this unshaven all the same hints that you just lost the razor, shave it or continue to grow to a more acceptable length.

How To Trim The Beard Yourself

Medium And Long Beard

For growing off an average or long beard, the saying “you hurry – make people laugh” is relevant. Yes, you have to wait a few weeks, or even a couple of months (depending on how fast the beard grows and what the final result should be). You need to endure the days when the beard will itch and the hands themselves will reach for the razor, go through the stage of untidy “nest” on the face, endure all side-glances and the questions “have you looked at yourself in the mirror when you last looked?”. To keep the beard looking tidier, do not forget about the shape: trim your cheeks and beard line under Adam’s apple. Having brought up the resilience of the spirit and has grown a beard to the desired length, proceed to a haircut.

Short Beard

The most common and convenient option. It requires an effort to grow and care, but not such as in the case of a medium or long beard. To get the desired effect, it is not enough to shave a week: you will need to trim the beard shape. Usually, they turn over the bottom (with the letter U from ear to ear just above Adam’s apple) and clean the cheeks (just do not shave too low). Make the beard’s length and density different to adjust the shape of the face: for example, thinner and shorter on the cheeks, longer on the chin and mustache. Experiment until you find the best combination.

How To Trim The Beard Yourself

Trim The Beard In 7 Steps

  1. First, wash the beard with shampoo (special for the beard, if not – the usual). After the shampoo, use conditioner that will soften the hair: it is easier to trim the beard the correct shape. Wipe with a towel and dry the beard.
  2. Prepare the tools: a trimmer with a nozzle, a razor, a brush, and a beard comb, scissors. Cut your hair in front of a large mirror.
  3. Comb your beard with a comb. Scrub against hair growth to make it easier to bring them to one length. Take scissors and cut too long hairs.
  4. Take the trimmer with the nozzle and trim the beard to the desired length. Start with a larger gap, so as not to cut too much. If you prefer to work as the best barbers, use a comb and scissors or a comb and a trimmer without a nozzle: hook the hair with a comb, trim off the excess (like cutting the hair on your head). To change the shape of the face, use different nozzle lengths: for example, 4 cm for the cheeks and temples and 5-6 cm for the chin. A mustache is better to cut with scissors. If you want them to be longer, comb them in the direction of growth and cut all the excess above the upper lip.
  5. After trimming the beard, go to the edging. Remove the nozzle from the trimmer to shave the shape along the cheeks (take your time and make sure everything is symmetrical). For trimming the bottom of the beard, use a trimmer without a nozzle or a razor. Make a line just above Adam’s apple. If you turn over too high, create a second chin sensation, too low – the beard will look sloppy.
  6. Comb the beard with a brush, scissor sticking hair. Apply oil to the beard to soften the hair (but quite a bit, otherwise it will look greasy).
  7. Do not forget to wash, comb and moisten the beard with oil. Periodically trim it in length and shape.

How To Trim The Beard Yourself

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