All parents are afraid for their children – this is absolutely normal and natural. But in matters relating to their safety, it is very important not to go to extremes. A child should understand that it is impossible to get into a car to an unfamiliar uncle, but he should […]

It sometimes happens that a child who is older by age is more active than anyone else and prefers not to do anything. To sleep until lunchtime, “stick” to TV shows or computer games, refuse to help around the house, throw in hobbies and hobbies, “move out” in school, do […]

How to increase self-confidence? This question is asked very many because nowadays most people do not have this confidence. And there is none because some people confuse self-confidence with the presence of money, beautiful appearance and figure, a lot of diplomas and certificates. But self-confidence does not depend on all […]

Obsessive thoughts and states are something that is almost impossible to imagine for a person who has never experienced them, and it is very difficult to crush someone who suffers from them. They can have different shapes and meanings, relate to completely different topics and aspects of life, but they […]

The realities of our lives are such that the vast majority of adults and children cannot imagine their life without a computer and the Internet – the most powerful tools for transmitting, processing and exchanging information. Such popularity of virtual reality is often the cause of unhealthy addictions, when teenagers […]

A child who does not respect adults is a very relative problem because everyone has different ideas about respect. If someone’s son or daughter, for example, responds with rudeness to almost any request and attempt to talk, then that is probably disrespect. If we are talking, for example, about running […]

The Electra complex is the female counterpart of the more widely known Oedipus complex. The concept introduced by psychoanalysts has acquired a fairly large number of myths and stereotypes. In this article, we will try to figure out what is this complex, and how to get rid of it.

Emotional (or social) intelligence is a concept that has become commonly used relatively recently. If a classic and well-known IQ is referred to as IQ (intelligence quotient), then for emotional intelligence the abbreviation EI (emotional intelligence) is used, sometimes it is also referred to as EQ. Many psychologists and sociologists […]