There are even therapists who are specialized solely in anger and aggressiveness control, a fact that tells us that it is something that affects many people. How to control anger? This is precisely what patients ask themselves since it is often difficult to manage the aggressive or angry tendency without […]

Prevent depression and anxiety from controlling your life. Here you will find several suggestions for activities to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Sunday. The day of the week when depression is strongly present. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to prevent a downturn in our mood.

A better version of yourself must be accompanied by the best self-improvement and self-help courses that show you the right path to achieve it. For this, you must improve many aspects of your life, such as your beliefs, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence. The latter is a key element in achieving […]

The perinatal grief is that which arises from the death of the baby before or a few days after birth. It is an intense pain that takes the woman, her partner, and the family by surprise. The pregnant woman has made up her mind about the baby that is coming, […]

By surrounding yourself with positive people you will be happier since good company stimulates brain activation and promotes the production of endorphins. The individual is surrounded by family, friends, partners, co-workers, and acquaintances. Being accompanied is part of the process of human socialization and this helps maintain your mental health. […]