Work from home: Ideas and options to turn your home into your business

Are you looking for ways to work from home? Have you tired of working for others and have you decided to leave your state of comfort? If so, you have arrived at the right place. Because we are going to give you a great variety of ideas so that you can find the work that best suits you from home. Start being your own boss!

Home-based businesses are increasingly booming

the Work from home

Work is what has been so scarce for a long time in a large part of Spain. What has made the crisis sharpen the ingenuity? But not only of the people who want to be hired. But also of the people who want to start, who want to start a new company.

Problems of having a physical company Where can I reduce expenses?

When you start to give some economy. The first thing that talks about the company are the fixed costs and the variables. The fixed ones have to do with the personnel, the maintenance of the office and even of the fleet of cars that can get to have. In the case of being a transport company for example.

Of course, the staff can not do without. Because you only one company does not raise it no matter how hard you try. The fleet of cars could be reduced or rented instead of having them purchased. Which would mean less expenditure on maintenance of the vehicles in addition to savings in insurance? So, what is left? The office.

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Is it necessary to have a physical place when creating a company?

The truth is that no. Many companies that are born today leave the homes of entrepreneurs. Because here in the USA the business from the garages is less seen. You may come to think that many of the ideas that arise are to be in front of the computer for hours and hours. what has always been known for office work, which has always been thought precisely that office was not necessary.

We can see great ideas such as the distribution of food at home. They have a kitchen at home very well equipped and while one cooks the other handles. A company of this type was famous. Because it was dedicated exclusively to the distribution of muffins throughout Madrid without having any pastries.

Of course, you can come to think that this is not strict housework. Because you must go out to finish the task. But if you do office work from home, you will sometimes have to go buy ink cartridges for the printer or sheets. They are necessary to complete your task and you must go out into the street. Although it is true that not all jobs can be considered to work from home. An example of this can be the one that mounts an SME of repairs of the home. And has the administration of the company from home. The work really takes place outside, only that the administrators can do it from home without problems.

Work from home is not now

Although more and more we can see more professionals who choose to do their work from home. This is not now. Since there are many companies that have long been implementing a mixed model of office work and from home. You do not have to go far to see that there are people who work from home. As mentioned. Before in this type of companies it is much easier to achieve this. Because if you have to finish an accounting report and the data is sent to you by email. What else does it do from the office or from your home? It really is a way to recover lost hours in the office and be more time with your family .

Complete the work of the home office

We can take the case of Electronica as an example. In some of its sections, not those of cooperator due to infrastructure issues. The platforms through which they work are found on the company’s website. Therefore, any worker can access them from home, yes with their codes. Do not try to try to collapse because it does not work .

This allows a follow-up of work from home when you have had to go before the office for personal reasons. But there is a small problem : bosses can pressure workers on vacation to do homework when they should not do it.

How we do our work from home

It is clear, as we have just commented, that technology is essential in this type of work from home. But it is not the only thing that is needed. If you want to work from home, there are two options : you are looking for a job that can be done from home or you can start your own business.

A freelance work platform aimed at USA speaking users. The registration and use of the platform is free, but it offers a payment option to PRO account for users who need it. Which has additional benefits. Once registered, the user can create their own online portfolio and upload their curriculum vitae.

There are also other specific portals where you can find work remotely or as a freelance around the world.

Tasks you can do from home

best Work from home

Not all work is workable from home. This means that if you want to set up a factory. I doubt very much that you can do it in your living room. These types of companies are somewhat smaller in terms of what is necessary. What has been mentioned above of food delivery at home is possible and a very good idea. You need a well-equipped kitchen and organization. Although it would take an initial investment to adapt the kitchen and get some optimal tools, it would not disturb the house itself.

What you can do from home is to create your own blog, be it fashion. A niche that is booming or simply what you like to talk about, an online store or a website where you can offer your services.

Companies that offer jobs from home

If you do not want to start, you have the option of looking for a job from home. This is one of the options that have already been commented. Because if you want to work from home you usually search the Internet. Keeping this in mind, with the Semrush tool we have carried out a study looking for the most searched words regarding the work from home topic.

The surprise is that among the most sought after are the sets of words that have to do with the big cities. That is  work from home Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia … Seeing this. We have come up with the idea of ​​comparing the jobs offered in each of the cities. And making a later analysis of what is most demanded.

What is the most offered on the internet to work from home?

top What is the most offered on the internet to work from home?

This is a question that if you have arrived here after reading all the above, you will have already answered. It is true that in our last two cities of analysis the call center work did not stand out above the rest. But in general, it is the one that has been offered the most times in the sum of the cities. The reason? That is a simple work for infrastructures that you need at home. Since you need a telephone connection that you already have of normal. And because it is something that takes more time than you think. The cooperator from home has been doing it for more than 15 years. And, therefore, it has settled down as a work very given to be done from the domestic unit.

Different business ideas from your home

discover Work from home

What you have to think now is not so much the types of work that there are already. But the ones that can happen to you. In this part of the post we are going to do a work of imagination more than reality. Let’s think and imagine possible jobs from home that today are not so common and we could implement. Manufacturing is something that has surprised and can give ideas of possible work to be done from home and with the help of the Internet. Take note of all these ideas to make from your home!

  • Online florist: In a city there are hundreds of local florists, but assembling from home there are certainly few. Keep in mind that it should occupy a relatively large space to have all the plants. And also in optimal conditions to sell them of good quality. The business could be different, selling only at home or for large events such as a wedding. The specialization in this type of sale can report a greater benefit to obtain more quality in the results.
  • Offer makeup services: Like the florist, for special events would be a great success. Even making agreements with certain photography businesses. When it comes to making sessions for weddings, baptisms, communions. If you also live in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or a city where a large television network is hosted. Or a small local television, you could do business with they. This last case would be more to work at home than at home.
  • Create your own blog and learn how to earn money with it: This idea is increasingly trending. And is that having a blog not only lets you know. But also you can generate extra income per month. How? by affiliating. Introducing advertising in your blog, selling virtual products, selling your services … As you can see. If you mount it well and make a good positioning of your blog, you can even live on it. If you do not know how to start, you can take a course for bloggers and get ready to work from home.

Is it just as easy to find work from home in a small city?

It depends on what we consider by city and what we consider small. If you live near a big city full of businesses of all kinds, that you do the same as the others. But from home perhaps does not attract attention. That may be the case of the dormitory cities around Madrid and Barcelona. In these cases it is almost worth moving to the office.

You should also bear in mind that if you want to work from home. As discussed in previous sections, the location is very important when receiving customers. It is not the same as living in Valencia. Or at best Bassoonist when your company is located in Tue jar. The business possibilities are, a prior, lower but it depends on the nature of the business. If you want to make a small hairdresser in your home, you may be happy to live in a small Austrian village lost in the mountains.

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