The realities of our lives are such that the vast majority of adults and children cannot imagine their life without a computer and the Internet – the most powerful tools for transmitting, processing and exchanging information. Such popularity of virtual reality is often the cause of unhealthy addictions, when teenagers […]

Addiction recovery can be a challenging journey, but it is a rewarding movement toward a healthy lifestyle. In conjunction with the help of sober living houses Frederick MD, there are steps you can take to continue your recovery. Here are a few ways you can avoid relapsing.

Many parents are interested in why their children are so attracted to advertising. As shown by independent polls, it is 4-6 years old kids, in contrast to the solvent adult audience, are left to watch ad inserts during television. The impact of advertising on adolescents and children is studied and […]

Drug culture came to the youth environment in the 60s of the last century. Having gained popularity thanks to rock musicians and hippies, today uses drugs actively invade the life of the younger generation. According to WHO estimates, 9 million people in America are taking illegal drugs, 20% of which […]

It would seem that after successful graduation from school, the former high school student will always have success in everything. Most people believe that striving for excellence is the ideal of existence. But practice shows the opposite. Former ex-co-workers succeed in life, and the Pyatrochnikis are unable to build a […]

Are you the group of people who habitually use tobacco? If so, perhaps you are looking for a way to leave it once and for all. It is not easy to stop smoking, especially for those people who have been consuming it for many years. It has become part of […]