A small business can be owned by a sole trader or a limited company, but what sets it apart from larger businesses is that it employs fewer than 50 people. In the EU, a small business is defined as having an annual turnover of less than £10m; however, financial values […]

There are professions that require an understanding of medical tools and equipment and involve direct interaction with patients for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. These professions include doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who provide hands-on support, advice and treatment. Typically they hold degrees or certifications in their fields […]

If you’re preparing for a financial audit, you should keep a few essential documents in one place. A trial balance, for example, is an internal report in double-entry accounting. This report represents all debits and credits to an account. The separation of duties, also known as segregation of duties, ensures […]

Losing a job is hard and in the past year, so many people have lost their jobs due to the restrictions and financial chaos putting pressure on businesses and making it hard for them to operate with their normal number of staff, or in some cases at all. Many businesses, […]

Discovering the perfect job of our dreams is a long and complex process that, unfortunately, we are not all able to achieve. Many times we can not find a job that we like or that fits our skills, so we end up discouraging. However, there are several ways to approach […]