Course of outdoor sports and outdoor physical activities

Outdoor sports – The nature is the environment of the human being, that no doubt, however, we usually go to dark, enclosed spaces (such as office, gym or floor). Why? Nature is man’s natural environment , so why does it tend to close? Why not take advantage of the resources offered by nature ?

If the habitat environment of the human being is nature , free spaces, why not do outdoor sports ? Why waste the resources offered by the natural environment?

The course of outdoor physical and outdoor sports activities will show you the different and diverse possibilities offered by the natural environment for the realization and practice of outdoor sports .

Performing outdoor physical and outdoor sports activities offers a wide range of possibilities. You can do many fitness exercises and replace the batteries of the day surrounded by nature.

What is functional entrenchment?

Course of outdoor sports

It is known as functional training  to one that has its origin in rehabilitation exercises for injuries, frequently applied by physiotherapists to their patients with movement or postural disorders.

Nowadays, functional training is booming thanks to its beneficial results and is known as training focused on a goal , a specific purpose . It is practiced as a sport by hundreds of people in the world with goals of weight loss, muscle building or maintenance , without necessarily having an injury.

Functional training maintains its foundations from its origins, is based on a constant body education to improve postural habits and use all muscle groups trying to perform various types of movements to involve all parts of the body .

In trying to integrate all the aspects of the movement of the human body, functional training combines multiple exercises, and there are different types of functional training , such as Cross Training , one of the most popular today.

The Functional Training course will help you to know the bases of this type of sport so that you know in depth the human body, its muscular groups and its natural movements.

Discover how to value or value another person before the exercise to know their physical condition and their motor skills and design their training plan adapted to their needs.

Learn about the loco motor system and the reflex acts with the Functional Training course, you will also know the different types of load for training.

With the Functional Training course you will acquire knowledge and skills to practice these exercises applying materials as Fitball, BOSU, TRX or the Medicine Ball .

Get in shape in a healthy way, discover Functional Training

outdoor sports and outdoor physical activities

With all the knowledge acquired in the course you will be able to apply the best exercises to achieve your sporting goals effectively and without risk of injury . Learn about the course and start to train as a functional trainer , you can apply your learning to improve your own training and to help others achieve their own goals.

Pilates Monitor Course

Pilates Monitor Course

The Pilates Monitor course will give you all the information you need to start teaching this discipline. So that you can achieve this, we will put at your disposal all those knowledge that will bring you closer and allow you to understand the Pilates Method , such as its history and that of its founder; the basic principles by which it is governed, its benefits and contraindications; the anatomical bases for the understanding of postures and movements; the fundamental postures and exercises, the exercises with machines and accessories, the parts of a complete class , the attitudes of a monitor and an approach to basic first aid.

Due to its innumerable benefits at a corporal and psychological level, it has become one of the most practiced and requested disciplines worldwide. Sign up for our Pilates Monitor course and you can provide wellness to your students and your community.

The course will enable you to plan a complete class , which can be based on fundamental ground exercises, as well as exercises with machines or accessories, since you will understand the correct technique of execution of each of the exercises, as well as the application of each.

You will have all the tools you need to become a Pilates Monitor so you can start training your students privately, in gyms or specialized centers.

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