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The ability to leave a tear on one owner is not given to everyone. But there are no unsolvable problems. There is a whole set of techniques and techniques that will help achieve the desired effect. These methods are suitable for a wide variety of people, regardless of whether they play at the theater or live a life away from the stage art. Some of the methods below are easy to use and can cause an immediate effect. Others act on a deeper level and require certain efforts from the person himself.

Automatic suggestion method

Many theaters and film actors face a difficult task: how to purposely and quickly cry on stage? For this, the automatically suggested method is more suitable. It consists of a certain fine-tuning of the human body. To use this technique, it is important to isolate yourself from the surrounding space and immerse yourself deeply in yourself.

If the actor is heavily used to the role, he begins to feel the same character. For better execution of the method, you can use muscle memory. If you make a grimace on your face that matches the position of the muscles during crying, the nervous system of the body perceives this action as a signal. Then the tears begin to appear before the eyes. This response develops over years of training and doesn’t always work for inexperienced actors.


Each person keeps in his memory many different moments lived in his life. These seconds can help solve this problem. Just like artists cry in movies, ordinary people can cry, using the memory technique. To do this, it is enough to think about any situation that causes tears through emotions. Each person in his life has experienced many exciting moments.

It could be a tragic event that touched the depth of the film or, conversely, a joyful impression that gave tears of happiness. It is necessary not only to remember the desired event but also to go through it in the head in great detail. It is necessary to extract certain words, actions, the very atmosphere of memories from memory. Then the tears will surely appear in his eyes. This method is used by many women, honing the skill of individuals of the opposite sex. After all, a crying girl is capable of disarming almost any man.


Drug use is another good technique. But how to make yourself cry for no reason like this? It is important to check yourself for allergic manifestations before using medications. Menthol, which is part of some medications, can cause tears when applied to the lower eyelid. For these purposes, an old and familiar asterisk may be suitable. True, due to the strong smell, it will be difficult to prove that the tears are natural.

In addition to the asterisk, peppermint oil or another similar menthol-containing medicine has a similar effect. It should be borne in mind that in no case should the drug reach the eyeball itself. “Albucid” eye drops can also come to the rescue. They cause the natural appearance of tears due to their active ingredients. Ammonia is also able to lead to the appearance of the necessary process. If you inhale the ammonia vapor, the tears will flow like a river. For these purposes, a cloth impregnated with a substance or any other material can be used. The important thing is to bring it calmly to your face.

How to specially and quickly cry with a bow?

Everyone knows that when cutting onions, the tearing process begins involuntarily. This causes a lot of inconvenience in everyday life. But what if you use this property of the product for your own purposes?

If you urgently need to cry at home, you can simply cut off the onion head and breathe briefly on it. To cause tears in an environment away from home, it is necessary to collect onion juice in a glass vial and close it tightly with a lid. You have to do it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the active ingredients of the juice will lose their ability to cause tears. At the right moment, open the lid and inhale. This method is very good, as it causes the appearance of natural tears, with redness of the nose and eyes.

Wind and sneezing

Strong winds directed into the eyes cause the eyeball to dry out. In response, the body includes a defensive reaction. Then the lacrimal glands begin to work actively. A fluid appears that envelops the cornea of ​​the eye. To apply this action, you can basically direct the air from the fan towards the eyes, blow it yourself in the direction of the eyes, or actively shake a fan.

How to cry on purpose and quickly? Sneezing, as you know, also causes tears. This means that a similar method can be used. To activate the process, several methods are recommended. Irritation by tickling the wings of the nose with a feather or by inducing a protective reaction by getting pepper on the mucous membrane of the nasal passages.

Yawning, many people involuntarily begin to appear tears. The process itself is associated with the oxygen supply necessary for the body. In this case, there is a contraction of the muscles of the face, an increase in blood flow, and activation of the lacrimal gland. To yawn on purpose, you can look at the photo with a yawning man or animal.

This will give the same effect as someone who yawns next to you. The tears will come out of our eyes and will look quite natural. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to continue yawning further. So you can spoil the desired image.

Muscle tension

How to cry on purpose and quickly? It is also possible to artificially provoke tears by straining the eye muscles. If you open your eyes wide or keep them in a state of tension for a long time, the lacrimal gland will begin to work more actively. You can even hold your eyelids with your hands as an obstacle to closing your eyes. After that, blink. The eye will begin to be intensely washed by the tear fluid.

The consequences

Now you know how to cry on purpose and quickly. The methods described above have several negative consequences. With frequent use of onions and drugs, allergic reactions and even chemical damage to the mucous membrane can occur. Such methods can lead to diseases. Rupture of the lacrimal gland is also a side effect of special tears. It can cause too much tearing.

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