9 tips that really work to REPAIR a falling apart relationship

All relationships go through ups and downs. The ups make us happy and the downs make us lose hope. Breaking up is not the real solution to your relationship problems; If you really care about your partner, you have to fight for him. It is necessary to fight for the bond they share.

Here are some  tips to troubleshoot your relationship and make it perfect:

9. Talk

Communication is the key to building a perfect relationship. If you can’t talk to each other freely, there is nothing you can do as a couple. Try to talk openly about your problems. This can help solve a lot of little things that then lose proportion and turn into something huge and unpleasant.

8. Identify what your problems are

Problems between couples are common, but unless you identify and discuss them with your partner, you cannot expect a perfect relationship. If there is something about him that bothers you, be frank and say it out loud. Just watch your words and tone so you don’t hurt him in any way.

7. Maintain physical intimacy

Staying close to your partner emotionally is just as important as staying close to him physically. It does not always mean sex. Sometimes kissing and caressing can be a more powerful way. These acts help establish the perfect physical bond that makes them grow more on an emotional level.

6. Write letters to each other

Although it may sound impractical in today’s world of real-time communication, a handwritten letter always has a deeper meaning compared to a text on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Handwritten letters simply make the other person feel valued and special. Go old school and you will see your relationship change.

5. Support each other through thick and thin

You must be there when I need you. Set your priorities in such a way that you make them feel like an important part of your life. It is essential to be there through thick and thin. These bad times put your relationship to a real test.

4. Start and end the day talking to your partner

To keep the spark alive in your relationship, it is important to start and end the day by talking to your partner. A simple good morning and good night message can make a ton of difference. This makes your partner feel like they are the first person you think of every morning and before bed.

3. Spend quality time together

No matter how busy you are, make sure you spend some quality time together. Even if that means just sitting next to each other and doing your own work; spending time together is the main goal. It helps them connect better and most importantly, it helps you understand it better.

2. Express your feelings

Never repress your feelings. Be open with your partner about how you feel and talk if something they did hurt you. Negative emotions can only build up over time and act as the biggest threat to your relationship. Therefore, make sure to express what you feel and bring everything out at the right time; before it is too late.

 1. Apologize when you’re wrong

An apology can help you find the solution to most of your arguments and fights. If you know you are wrong, feel free to apologize. Sometimes a simple sorry makes a big difference, no matter if you were wrong or not. When you love someone, you must be able to do anything.falling apart

Jeffrey Wilson

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