The connection between happiness and success

Happiness and success– Many people think that happiness only comes with success, when these concepts can be completely independent of each other, depending on us knowing if we need to be successful to be happy.

If you look closely, you will see that there are people who are successful but they are always annoyed or in a bad mood, so they are not happy at all as we believe, and why does this happen? simply because they may do well in what they do, but they do not really enjoy it.

It turns out that when you love what you do, you like it and you’re happy doing it, success will knock on your door without much effort. However, people may also perceive us as happy but not successful people. This happens because there is a misunderstanding of what success and happiness are.

How to identify happiness and success?

relationship between success and happiness

Being happy can be summarized as simply enjoying life while you give your best, accept what you are as a person and the lifestyle you lead. While success can be perceived as that moment in which you achieve the goals you set and you get the results proposed in the past.

But sometimes, we are wrong in what we want to obtain from life because we have badly conceived ideas. We do not know what we want and for that reason we believe that we will not be able to achieve the success that we long for, believing finally, that we will not be happy until we reach our goals. When happiness does not stop being just a way.

Often, it also happens that we set different goals and if we do not reach all of them we do not consider ourselves successful. We return to place happiness next to this success even more complicated to achieve, so we condemn ourselves almost to a perpetual unhappiness.

Finally, let’s not forget that having such a well-planned life, our well-marked successes can be a help, since even in the worst moments we have a north to orient and encourage us. But like everything in life, this also has its downside:  focusing and concentrating our attention on one or several fixed points, will prevent us from taking advantage of the opportunities that may appear along the way. Opportunities that, why not, can be happiness in small drops or instants.

Happiness and success, together or separately?

best success and happiness

You may be happy but you do not consider yourself successful, this does not mean you should be depressed about it since you are likely to be successful and you have not realized, because your concept of success may be wrong.

It could be that you are already a successful person, you have that great job that many people would die for, you have that beautiful family with whom so many people would like to share, that house that so many envies, that beautiful relationship that not everyone has the fortune to find, but maybe you’re not happy either.

It’s not just about being a famous athlete or a singer with multiple platinum records, because what happens if you’re bad at sports or you sing a bit out of tune? You will be successful in a totally different way, you will be successful in your own way since you have your own abilities as an individual and you are unique in the world.

So yes, in fact, in one way or another you are already successful only by being happy and having what you already have in your life, only that you have not realized and live under a wrong premise of what it is to be happy and successful.

Remember that it is always good to analyze everything in your life and realize what you have and have achieved. You will realize that you are more successful and happy than you thought. stop engaging in those goals so marked, see what you have and appreciate for all this and for what you can continue to achieve with effort and perseverance.

Difference between happiness and success

Do you know what is the difference between happiness and success? Many of us believe that success in life is the direct path to happiness. We dream of achieving our work and personal goals, forgetting completely the simplest things that give us the day today. The question is: why do we believe that success and happiness are synonymous?

We can define success as the achievement or “satisfactory result” of an objective. It is the arrival to a marked destination from the beginning, it is the end of a long journey in which we have fought and overcome a thousand obstacles. But can we define happiness in the same way? Does reaching this goal provide emotional fulfillment?

The success as he pursues may seem a dream and along the way, we forget, almost unconsciously, the power of our own welfare now. The obsession to achieve an objective forces us to walk blindly in a world full of opportunities. For this reason, it is important to know the difference between happiness and success.

Does this mean that successful people are not happy? Of course not. There are people with happiness and success, but there are also successful and unhappy people. Phrases like: When I get it, I’ll be happy, they only lead us to a dream state from which we can awaken once the goal has been achieved. It is at that moment when we can be aware of everything lost along the way.

Every goal in life requires efforts of a higher or lower level. We all know what to do or at least try, to be competitive or stand out from the rest. We can fight to achieve our work, economic or personal goals, but always without forgetting to disconnect from time to time, and find time for leisure and entertainment, enjoy the family, surround ourselves with positive people and good friends. Nor can we give up before failures, we all fail. The smart thing is to learn from those failures (only small bumps in the road), and the opportunities they can provide.

If we are able to reserve time to enjoy day to day as we struggle to achieve other goals, we can be happy to succeed, without the need to believe that success will give us happiness.

What is the relationship between success and happiness?

top success and happiness

Many people believe that success brings happiness. We tend to think that we have to reach certain achievements and milestones to obtain a certain level of happiness. We think that if we graduate, we start a business that works, we get married, we buy a good house and we create a family, happiness will come by itself. But as many thinkers and authors explain, happiness is not a consequence of success.

Thinking scientists who point out that having a positive attitude (that is, positive or even happy) gives us the energy, motivation, and creativity we need to succeed. Positive thinking helps us succeed. In studies, social relations and also in our profession or business.

The relationship between happiness and success

The Titres effect: as in Titres, the management of a clinic involves problems constantly. The nerves and the rush do nothing but stress and complicate your resolution. You must stay positive to find a solution.

Re-lifting: problems with patients or providers occur daily. Frustrating does not help to respond to problems, so instead of abandoning the minimum, you must be aware that the problems will occur and face them with positivism.

Invest in your team: maintaining a positive attitude every day can be difficult, which is why it is important to mimic optimism to the clinic partners so that together you can support yourself in bad times.

The gratitude of the team: the success of a clinic lies in the proper functioning of your team. And this has to do a lot with the environment. As a clinic leader, you are responsible for this and also the first to benefit from it.

Happiness or Success

discover success and happiness

Happiness and success do not always go hand in hand, it is more, many times they are paths that go in the opposite direction.

This weekend I was listening to a famous singer and an educational expert, who as they spoke doubted that there was happiness, in fact, they said that only welfare could be achieved. They did not have to say it because on their faces it was clear that they were not happy, despite their platinum records and their educational awards, despite their national tours.

Finally, these are questions that we have all asked ourselves at least once in our life. The Human Being is a perfect work of engineering that has been created to find something that by right belongs to all of us; success and happiness. But … what is the success for each of us? What is happiness for each of us?  To achieve any goal or objective, we must first ask ourselves the appropriate questions. Those questions that will help us to make things clear, to achieve our most desired dreams. For some, the success may be to have a better job and for others, it may be to find the partner of their dreams. For some, happiness can be to reconcile their professional life with their personal life and for others, happiness is being able to be in contact with nature. Making it very clear what it means to us what we want to achieve, we will have taken a giant step to achieve our goals. On the road to achieving our success and our happiness, we will encounter both external and internal obstacles, the latter being the most dangerous for us. Dangerous because these self-saboteurs operate unconsciously and masked in the form of negative emotional states and limiting beliefs that can prevent us from achieving our goals. As Socrates said, we all have the answers within us not only to achieve our goals but also to overcome the potholes we may encounter along the way.


Roger Walker

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