How to make yourself happy when you are alone?

You think that many do not know how to be happy in the company, imagine for yourself. Also, that of solitude and isolation is a truly “hot” and ever-topical subject. We live on a planet, in a world and in overcrowded environments where people are mostly bothered by each other if not hostile towards each other. Let’s discover how to make yourself happy when you are alone.

Some women and men feel alone despite having a husband or wife and children, even in families where the level of conflict is not high. Some people think it impossible to be happy on their own and survive in a toxic environment.

How to make yourself happy when you are alone

When you are in love (or in love), and for any reason, you trust that the love you feel has a successful outcome, you feel on top of the world.

There is no person who, when he is or has been in love, has not experienced almost omnipotent sensations: euphoria, greater capacity for concentration, higher self-esteem, very high self-confidence and in the surrounding world and so on.

Not for nothing many people who for a long time have not had a relationship and have been little noticed by potential partners, when they find a partner or a partner, suddenly realize that many are looking for and finding them fascinating.

How to make yourself happy when you are alone

Take care of yourself

Which means everything and means nothing. In reality, I mean to take care of myself in a “holistic” way, complete, from a physical and emotional point of view. To give oneself a “regulation”, that is to follow the daily rules that help to establish routine and positive habits: make up the bed, make regular meals and in fixed time slots, get up and go to bed at the same time, set a ritual for the care of itself, for meals for the moment of going to sleep, measuring and balancing the hours of rest and work and leisure.

Make regular checks

Always check your health, based on your age and personal needs. Follow the therapies prescribed by accredited doctors and whose expertise is known and which you trust.

Do physical activity

Doing physical activity, appropriate to your level of training, your state of health, and your well-being needs are never wrong. Doing physical activity allows you to produce a whole range of substances that are good for you, to sweat and eliminate toxins and to release stress and nervousness.

Take care of your living and working environment

Do cleaning, tidying up (without being obsessed), making the places where you live more welcoming. The meaning is to communicate to themselves the message: “I deserve the best, and I can create it for myself.” Feed yourself correctly and take liquids in the right amount.

Do shopping

Do shopping

Do the shopping with care and devote yourself to cooking or learning to cook well, not only in a healthy way but also tasty and in a regular way, per se even and especially if you have lunch or dinner alone. Take care of your finances that is your money, decide to learn how to manage them effectively.

Read books

Reading books of various genres, to broaden their horizons and learn about other people’s views and experiences, also to realize that many in the world suffer or have suffered for various reasons, not least loneliness. And many, many, have managed to achieve prosperity after or despite suffering and grief. Or multiple difficulties.

You are in contact with nature from time to time, if you are used to being in the chaos of the city or, vice versa, going from time to time in the frenzy of the city if you are used to being in nature. Vary your activities in your day and your existence.

Behave in a frivolous, childish, and playful way when you feel like it and have the opportunity in your free time (not in professional contexts where it would be harmful and out of place). Type: s stellar, humming, singing, singing in “gram lot” (i.e., in an invented language) as was done in children. Sing with your mouth closed. You are making faces, making faces in front of the mirror. Spernacchiare. You are imitating, famous people and much more.

Sleep and rest when you are tired

Sleep and rest when you are tired and only when you are exhausted and not because you do not want to face the world.

Turn off smartphone

Turn it off and forget it for at least a couple of hours a day, but when you are awake, at night, when you sleep, it’s not worth it. Use it in general as little as possible. Instead of pouring out anger, depression, and complaints on social media and FB, keep a diary in which you also write down (not only, even) what, in a day or a certain period, has created small or big frustrations.

It is useful to learn to know each other and realize that we often make our lives worse just because of a misunderstanding with a stranger on transportation, a colleague’s delay at work or have lost, I know, a glove of little value because we needed it or we grew fond of it. Awareness of our frailties is useful to overcome them.

do yoga

Meditate or do yoga

Meditating serves to increase dopamine production. And it happens that those who are already overloaded with obligations, of “must,” “it is necessary that I do …” embark on learning disciplines that are not always so useful for life in our world, such as meditation. Meditating means clearing the mind and concentrating on the present moment. It is a natural and spontaneous activity of the human being.

You can meditate peacefully by washing the dishes, arranging your home, hanging out the clothes, taking a walk, cycling (not in traffic), lying on your back with your legs resting on the wall and looking at your feet, relaxing on the sofa, when you need to relax and not to recognize you.

Have sex for sex, without obligation. It’s granted, you know? You can very well have sex with someone with whom it’s nice to have sex, without having to fall in love and be forced to suffer.

Think and reflect on the past

Oh gosh, but hasn’t the past gone? Yes, of course, a sad and troubled past must be forgotten and left behind, in the past. Instead, it may be useful to research the history of one’s family, community, or country: what were the living habits of our parents when they were young? And our grandparents? And our great-grandparents? What did they eat? How did they dress? How did free time go? This “time travels” to the discovery of something that ultimately belongs to us and is part of us even if we do not know it, allows us to expand our existential dimension and make us more productive, less visible.

Learn to distinguish good from evil

You are getting used to change your mind. We often get caught up in prejudices about episodes and people, and we tend always to see negative what Caio does and says, or on the contrary always positive what does or says. In reality, it is more useful to listen and observe on a case by case basis and decide each time what is negative or positive.

Give yourself to others

That does not mean to go to the Red Cross nurses as if there were no tomorrow. Rather It means dedicating ourselves to a few people who deserve our attention, offering availability and generosity, and not without a hitch, but according to the possibilities we have and without taking anything away from our lives.

Choose two, three habits and attitudes that at your unquestionable judgment, it is useful to add to your existence and dedicated to putting them into practice in your day. Leave me your comments and your thoughts on how to make yourself happy when you are alone.

Kendrick Brown

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