How to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Relationships must be taken care of so that they do not end up perishing. Sometimes it is not enough with the love, affection or respect that you have for the other person. You have to keep the flame alive, make it fun to be together and for that, there is nothing like preparing a surprise.

It is not always easy to think of something and we tend to run out of ideas when we need them most. That’s why here you will find a list with the details to surprise your boyfriend. There’s a bit of everything, so you’ll have more variety to choose from to adjust to your relationship.

How to surprise your boyfriend?

Being together just because, accompanying him on the subway back home. These are those little details that are at the beginning of any relationship and that eventually ends up being lost. Get them back from time to time.

how to surprise your boyfriend

Go find him after work

They will be in for a surprise when they meet you at the office door without warning. From there it doesn’t matter what you decide to do because you will be together. A movie, a walk or an informal dinner seem like a small thing, but after the surprise you just gave your boyfriend, it will be one of the details that he will not forget.

A plan that never fails is to make a romantic getaway. You will enjoy it! It is a plan that never fails is to make a romantic getaway. You will enjoy it!

Take a day off and go where the car takes you

Who can resist a little adventure? Take a day off from work or any Saturday or Sunday, car keys, a backpack and road. You may not get very far, you may go to the beach or you may end up getting lost on secondary roads.

Organize by a weekend getaway

If you have more time and budget, nothing like organizing a weekend in a rural house, on the beach or in that place that has been talking to you for six months and you as if you heard the rain. Prepare everything, ask him at the last minute to pack his suitcase and enjoy the weekend!

Make a flashback to your first date

From time to time, relationships stagnate and it is necessary to remember. And besides, it’s always fun to look back. Remember and rearrange your first date without telling your boyfriend until the last minute. You can go to the restaurant where you dined for the first time, that cinema you went to often or the park you walked through. Nothing like looking to the past to face the future.


What the grandmothers said about a man being conquered by the stomach is still true today.


Make him a special dinner

It will be the greater surprise that he takes. If you are not a chef, you do not need to take a course to become the next Masterchef. Find simple recipes, put a nice decoration on the table, choose candles and music that give a touch of privacy to the moment. It’s those details that will make it melt.

Get out of the monotony with a tasting, choosing your boy’s favorite drink. Get out of the monotony with a tasting, choosing your boy’s favorite drink

Pancakes, cupcakes, homemade sweets

If there is no time to have breakfast together, prepare some homemade sweets and wrap them so that they can take them to work. Not only will your boyfriend adore you, but you will become the perfect match for the rest of his office.

Wine, beer or whiskey tasting

Does your boyfriend love beer, wine, or whiskey? Well, turn the Friday canes into something different and enrol him by surprise in a tasting. Drink tastings are organized in almost every city that your boyfriend will love.


how to surprise your boyfriend

Sometimes the best thing about surprises is being alone, enjoying each other’s company. No more is needed. In addition, the ones that we propose below are cheap ideas that you can organize at home. Have a movie session with your favorite movies. Change your plans and throw a movie party for your boy with a compilation of your favorite tapes, a very large bowl of popcorn, soda and chocolate. And to enjoy it!

Assemble a collage or a video with your best photos

Nowadays, we constantly take photos and videos with smartphones. We have so much audiovisual material from our day to day that we do not give it importance until one day, due to some ‘computer error’, we lose it. Don’t let that happen and select your best photos, print them out and make a collage. Or a montage with your best videos. He will love to see you again.

Record a car music playlist for him

In the 90s, there was no greater declaration of love than giving your partner a tape with songs personally chosen for him. Why have we stopped doing it? You can prepare a list for the car, for the gym, for when he goes to work … The possibilities and formats are unlimited.

Star in a photoshoot together

Take the camera and ask your boyfriend to be a model for a while. Have a fun photo session at home or hire service from a professional studio. You will have a good time posing in front of the camera and those images will always be remembered.

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