Why can’t money buy happiness?

Do you know the relation between happiness and success? Money does not give happiness. Money does not provide happiness because it is a means and not an end. It is your social environment that gives you happiness. You may hear the phrase about why can’t money buy happiness many times:

Money does not give happiness … but how does it help?

Yes, it is a good example of popular wisdom. And look, money helps, but it does not give or buy happiness. More than a famous phrase is a principle of life that we sometimes forget. We live in a society that performs its energy exchanges, whether we consider them fair or not, through money. Scarcity implies little flow of energy, whether or not it is due to coercion or marginalization (I am not making moral or sociological judgments).

The reality is that an impoverished environment (comes back and plays ) whether or not by destruction, affects individuals from their limitations to obtain their livelihood, which is manifested in the circulation of money.

So if you do not have money, you do not have how to sustain yourself. Therefore you are unhappy (maybe very profoundly). It means that your unhappiness does not have money and thus having money will make you happy.

Reasons why can’t money buy happiness

Why can't money buy happiness

As I am a popularizer, I speak to the majorities and things that work for the majority, and so, I think that most of those who read my articles do not live below what is called the poverty line. For those extreme cases, I regret to say; I do not think I have an answer.

But I speak to you, young man, lady or gentleman of middle class, with your 5 basic needs met (although from time to time I usually talk to young people, ladies or gentlemen, justly or unfairly listed as members of the elite), I speak to you , so you’ll find out once and for all that money does not give happiness. It is your social environment that gives you happiness.

The basis of your social environment is yourself

basis of your social environment

If there were real awareness of the definite (or almost) the role of our social environment for the achievement of happiness, another rooster would sing. The happiness of many is limited in the first instance only to false external factors such as money and others.

Be careful, pleasure counts, but everything isn’t pleasuring…

happiness is based on false premises. Money is one of them. Perhaps one of the most harmful, since it is not even part of a pleasant experience properly speaking, such as eating, fun or joy, sex … it does not even come to that, since money, and never forget it from now on, it is a means, not an end.

If your happiness is based on pleasure and only pleasure, you are lost, not at all, but you are lost, you are a vicious, an addict. Well, you are taking shortcuts. And I have to know that nature does not get along with shortcuts, or you walk what you have to walk, or you fuck.

Happiness does not recognize shortcuts

Happiness does not recognize shortcuts

Are you already seeing how you hurt yourself when taking shortcuts? It’s very simple. You’re just looking for the point of arrival. You do not want to walk the full path.

You do not respond naturally to the repair of your organism. You’re just looking for pleasure for the pleasure of sleeping.

There is no effective bond, or you have no hope, faith or whatever, in the new generations. You’re just looking for pleasure for the pleasure of having sex.

You are not hungry, just anxious, motivated by your presence in an alienated world. You’re just looking for pleasure for the pleasure of eating.

You do not intend to learn for life, but to unravel stratagems to “knock down” your counterpart (be it a slot machine or a poker opponent) and get as much as possible. You’re just looking for pleasure for the pleasure of playing.

Do not walk the road; you want the goal. You do not enjoy the process; you pursue success. I remind you: Nature does not work like that.

The important thing is to enjoy the process

enjoy the process

the first factor that influences the achievement of happiness is yourself, your attitude towards life, how you react with what happens and what happens to you.

A second factor is, and it is about what I have been talking about, the social environment, which is built from our relationships with others.

A third factor is living in a democracy, regardless of the background that is so nuanced from one country to another, although living with individual and collective guarantees insured in one way or another, makes you more or less happy.

The fourth factor is health, as you see, it is not the main one. If your motivations and reactions are constructive and your loved ones surround you, a breakdown in health is bearable and even curable.

And the fifth factor is a variable mix of the country in which you live, the religion you practice, your profession, or the amount of money you have.

I repeat, if you have strong economic needs that do not allow you to have your basic needs met, money is in fact happiness. That is the crucial importance of the fight against poverty at the macropolitical level.

I speak to you, that you have, as they say, cover your basic needs, which at the same time, with skepticism, you could replicate me …

What exactly is having the basic needs met?

basic needs

I answer you once and leave it this size: you have what to eat, where to live and what to do. It is enough to be happy and contribute to society, provided you are properly motivated, well accompanied and live in an environment of respect for human rights. The rest are gaits, subjectivities, variations, paths that each one takes for one reason or another. At the moment I do not get into that discussion.

Perhaps it is not the space to talk about the unfairness of life, how badly millions of human beings spend it without being able to do practically nothing, in short, forgive me, but to argue this article, this is not space, There will be others to comment on something.

What I want you to be clear is that the basis of our happiness, contrary to what is commonly believed is not money, it is your social environment. Money does not give happiness although it does help, what gives you happiness are other people, those around you give you happiness, so you also provide them with happiness.

With each person doing this small part of their work, in their family, even if it is to radiate to other collective contexts, we would be talking about another world, a new reality.

Kendrick Brown

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