Six TV aerial FAQs

Looking for answers to your TV aerial questions? We’ve got you covered.

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FAQ: Freeview/Terrestrial Aerials

Why is my TV picture no good since the digital switchover?

The digital switchover may require adjustments. You might need to optimise your setup for the best quality possible.
How many TVs can I run off one aerial?

Generally, one aerial can support multiple TVs if your signal path is clear.

My TV duplicates digital channels – what causes this?

Signal interference might be the culprit. Identifying and resolving interference issues can help restore your setup.

Why can’t I record digital channels?

This issue may be related to your equipment or signal strength. Troubleshoot your setup to resolve recording issues.

Do aerials have to be fitted outside?

While outdoor installation is common, indoor options are available too. TV aerial repair Gloucester and the wider area is available, with aerial repair experts such as offering solutions.

My TV programs buffer – why is that?

Interruptions to your TV programs can be caused by signal interference or by a poorly installed aerial, so it’s a good idea to review the setup.

FAQ: Satellite TV

What is the difference between Freesat and Sky?

Freesat is subscription-free, but Sky requires a subscription.

Can my old Sky dish receive Freesat?

Yes, repurposing your Sky dish for Freesat is a cost-effective choice.

Can I have Sky in one room and Freesat elsewhere?

Yes, you can set up a dual-system configuration.

How many Freesat receivers with one dish?

Typically, one dish can support multiple receivers.

I have a non-subscribed Sky box – will I get Freesat channels?

Yes, accessing free-to-air channels on your Sky box is possible.

Can I have Sky in other rooms?

Yes, you can install multi-room setups.

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