When Is the Best Time to Seek Septic Services?

Preventing sewage backups in your home requires maintaining your septic system. It also keeps disease-causing bacteria and other pollutants out of groundwater.

But when to seek septic services depends on your location and usage. Generally, the best times for septic tank pumping are the spring and summer.

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As temperatures begin to rise, homeowners turn their attention to spring cleaning. They deep clean their homes, maintain large appliances, and tidy their yards. It’s important to remember that your septic system needs spring cleaning, too.

Septic services help your home avoid messy and costly problems. If you can’t remember when your septic tank was last pumped, schedule an appointment with a local septic cleaner this spring.

Septic systems that don’t work correctly can cause sewage back-ups, unpleasant odors, and environmental damage. Maintaining your system in good working condition is crucial for protecting the nearby water sources.

It would help if you watched for any odors around your home or the yard. These could indicate that your septic system is overflowing or experiencing another issue. These odors may also be caused by a drain field problem, leading to sewage backing up into your home. Preventative steps, such as avoiding septic-safe cleaning products, can help you avoid these issues.


Summer is the best season for septic system repair, septic cleaning, maintenance, and testing because of ideal weather conditions. Heavy rains or thick snowfall during other seasons make it difficult for a septic professional to locate your septic system and sewer lines.

Household water usage will likely increase during summer, with the kids out of school and guests visiting for outdoor barbecues and swimming pools. It can stress a septic system that is already near its capacity rating.

Encourage family and guests to be mindful of septic system usage by spreading laundry loads, taking shorter showers, and avoiding harsh cleaning products. Chemicals that enter your septic tank can kill the beneficial bacteria and cause costly damage to your drain field. Having your septic tank pumped during the summer is also a good idea. This is recommended every 3-5 years to keep the solid waste in the tank and liquid wastewater flowing into your drain field for treatment.


Fall is the perfect time to schedule septic tank pumping. If your septic system is pumped regularly (every 3-5 years), it will help ensure it works appropriately in winter. It’s also a good idea to add extra protection to your septic system before the cold weather, such as letting the grass grow long and spreading mulch.

Leaking faucets, dripping toilets, and other problems can cause pipes to freeze in the winter. These problems can lead to severe and expensive septic system damage if left untreated.

Early fall is the best time to install if you’re building a new home or replacing an old septic system. The warm soil makes it easier for workers to dig and work faster than during the summer. Plus, there’s less chance for rainstorms that can delay or cancel projects.


In the winter, septic systems can face unique challenges. One of the biggest problems is that if leaks occur within the drain field, wastewater will become trapped in the soil, contaminating groundwater. This issue is compounded by the possibility of compacted snow piling on top of an already strained drain field.

The best way to prevent septic system issues in the winter is by scheduling routine services. It includes aerating the drain field and preparing a septic tank pumping. In addition, homeowners can help by staggering major water-heavy chores, such as washing laundry and running the dishwasher, so they only occur on different days.

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