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How to cry: how to be able to get crying to vent emotions

How to cry

Sometimes it happens to feel our emotions as “stuck” inside us: we need a good cry to let them out, but the tears do not come out of our eyes! Here’s to you why and how to cry, explained one step at a time, when the need is felt.

How to cry when we feel the need, but tears struggle to come out of our eyes? A good cry can be useful to vent your emotions, which are often like “blocked”: if you cry, you get rid of stress and you feel better immediately! Let’s find out together why and how to cry, step by step. Meanwhile, watch our video that reminds you how those who cry are really louder

How to cry: why is a good cry good for you?

Crying is not a symptom of weakness, on the contrary! A good cry can help our body to release stress, promoting our psychophysical well-being. Keeping emotions inside of oneself is never good, and those who struggle to express emotions risk somatizing them: it affects their health, body, and mind!

Those who cry are not fragile at all: a person who cries can easily make choices or take courageous actions. It is certainly not the tears that come to his eyes that define a person! A good cry, indeed, can only be of help: once the emotion of pain, anxiety, fear, despair has been released, you will immediately feel better, more ready to move forward and face what lies ahead.

Crying has many benefits: it helps to ease tension, to vent emotions that make us feel bad or that we still feel as “overwhelming”. Getting those emotions out is good! Crying relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, helps eliminate the toxins that anger causes us to accumulate inside.

It would seem that crying is a real cure-all for health, and to say it is science! However, if you feel inhibited, if you are used to stifling tears because you are mistakenly convinced that this makes you stronger and you don’t know how to cry, do not worry: keep reading and we will discover together the different steps recommended on a psychological level to finally be able to let off steam with a nice liberating cry!

How to cry to vent your emotions: the first steps

How to cry when we feel the need but can’t get the tears out of our eyes? The first step is to find the right place to be able to cry in peace. It is often difficult for us to cry because we fear that someone may listen to us: carve out a quiet space, all for oneself, to be able to give vent to one’s emotions without having to answer to anyone is very important to finally be able to cry!

At home, you could choose to lock yourself in the bathroom ( maybe in the shower !), Or in the bedroom. If your house is crowded, however, take the car and go to a quiet place, all for you. The important thing is that you feel calm and serene that you can bring out your emotions without feeling judged or having to worry about what other people might think.

The second step is to focus on what makes you feel bad: focus on the negative emotion that you feel the need to vent and don’t “reject it”, welcome it! Often those who have not cried for a long time cannot free themselves because they try in every way to distract themselves with other kinds of thoughts. To cry and free oneself, however, it is necessary to “stay” in that emotion, even if it is not beautiful, accept it as part of you, of what you are experiencing. Any kind of pain has to go through. Refusing it certainly does not help to overcome it, but only carries the risk of somatizing it or making us even more nervous or aggressive.

Let your emotions emerge: after tears and a good cry you will feel better!

If you stay focused on the negative emotions you are feeling, on what makes you feel bad, but without trying to distract yourself and push away the worst thoughts, then you will feel the tears press behind your eyes. If something has happened that makes you particularly sad, focus on how bad it is, how much you wish it had never happened, how it will change your life now … Go through these negative emotions and you will see that the tears will come! Emotions must all be lived, even if they are not beautiful … it is part of life!

Of course, you don’t cry like that, on the spot, just thinking about what makes us feel bad: you need to give yourself some time because negative emotions “mount” inside you, invade you, to the point of producing tears. Let these emotions drag you down with them until you touch the bottom: it is the only way, then to be able to go back up and smile again! If you concentrate and really “live” these emotions, a liberating cry will soon come and you will be able to let off steam. Cry, cry without fear, until the tears stop by themselves. Don’t try to stop them yourself, but throw it all out: the pain will come out of your eyes along with the tears and you will immediately feel lighter!

Sure, a liberating cry won’t solve your problem, but it sure makes you feel freer. Crying will not make you happy, but less anxious, preparing you for the next step: addressing the problem constructively, reacting in the right way.

How to cry: little tricks to unleash tears

Are you still wondering how to cry, how to do it in practice? There are some small tricks that can actually make crying easier. Tears, in fact, can be “helped” to leave your eyes by some means that brings out the emotions of sadness or anguish. For example, old photographs may be useful: if you have lost a loved one and you can’t cry, looking at photos taken with them in a moment of happiness could help you cry and throw out all your pain.

Even music can play the same cathartic function: it can be listening to a sad song, which matches your mood, or one that recalls particular memories, related to what makes you sick. Finally, try watching a sad or touching movie – it could stir up emotions within you that could lead to a good, liberating cry. You will think you are crying only for the film, but in reality, you are crying for your experience and your emotions with which that particular film managed to resonate.