How To Grow Up: 7 Top Tips for Your Individual Growth

Here we are talking about personal growth, especially how to be successful in life. Come on, don’t be a hypocrite, if you are here it is because there is something that makes you dissatisfied. And you are looking for the right path to take to change your life permanently.

Welcome to My Business, the blog dedicated to those who have decided to take care of their own affairs in full autonomy, taking over their existence in all respects.

Money, you know, is extremely important and is often the only one that determines a person’s success in life: to tell the truth. I do not fully agree although I believe it is undeniable that most of the people who they ask how to achieve success. They irremediably look at the economic aspect, therefore at the career and at the money.

In this guide, therefore, I will try to list some of what I think are the guidelines to follow in order to become better and grow: what you read is my thinking, I do not expect everyone to agree with me. But I have genuine hope that you may consider what I am about to tell you useful.

What does success mean?

Let’s start here. In my opinion, being successful does not mean having money tout court . Also because many are lucky enough to be born in rich families. And live eternally in reflected light with mum and dad’s money.

However, if you don’t know, the argument that “money goes where there is other money”. And that rich are born is not true either: the statistics agree that all the new rich are first-generation while most of the people wealthy by birth. In reality, very often they limit themselves to administering what they have received as an inheritance throughout their lives. And often leave this planet with less wealth than when they arrived.

Think of the so-called new jobs: the vast majority of those who made a fortune for the web was not born in a family that was able to pass on a job, also because it was impossible.

It is true that being born in an economically well-off context leads to considerable help, especially from a mental point of view. But it is also true that there are people who have managed to improve their starting situation from nothing.

Attention, I’m not talking about getting rich dead: those are a marginal slice of the population not to be considered.

It is important, however, to clarify immediately that one does not have to be born rich to make money. Because in this way one can deny one of the first “excuses” that we usually tell ourselves when we think about a change.

That said, I think success doesn’t necessarily depend on money. I have seen people live with little money without asking themselves many problems: the important thing is to be happy. And to reach the goals we have set ourselves.

If your aim is to have a job and be able to give yourself some whim, to be able to cultivate your passions and not have many worries. It is not at all true that you cannot be successful because the success of your path is measured in the achievement of the goal that you gave yourself, not in what others commonly consider as fair and successful.

Do you want to change your life and be successful? Listen to 7 Super Tips

7 Tips for Success

We come to the most practical part, to be approached after having done just what I wrote previously, so as not to misunderstand.

There are a series of tips that I feel I can give you to prepare your mind for success: attention, I do not consider myself a guru, I only write down what I do to improve myself and feel better.

What is good for me may not meet your needs, it may be “too much” or “too little” of what you need, so I don’t take responsibility for any wrong choices you make while reading!

1. Be curiousHow To Grow Up

Most people live without giving them shit about anything, assuming that some things don’t interest them regardless. Many often tell me: “I don’t understand anything about politics, so I don’t follow”.

This is a wrong attitude because, beyond what you think about democracy, you cannot deny yourself the possibility of understanding something, be it politics or a football match. Being curious and hungry for news from this point of view certainly helps.

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2. Never stop studying

Did you go to university and you think that if you take the piece of paper it’s all over and you deserve a job? Not so, maybe it was before but the time our parents lived in no one will give it to us anymore, the paired piece of paper – a permanent job no longer exists and the fact that you graduated does not legitimize you to claim a job at all costs.

It is not your fault, our school system is bad and very little train people for what they really need, except for rare cases of excellence.

Studying does not necessarily mean reading those dusty books of the University, often written by 80-year-olds out of time, but to find out about the news of your sector, read books and be curious, as mentioned above.

3. Go on vacation but in quiet placesHow To Grow Up

90 percent of people are anchored to the so-called hamster wheel: stable office work, three weeks of vacation a year, two of which to spend in August when it is extremely difficult to go on vacation on a budget.

The vast majority of people I know use the little time they have to go on vacation in the summer, on bridges and weekends to get to the most crowded places: not that the sea is bad, for heaven’s sake, but it makes sense to queue up in traffic and in the chaos of the most crowded beaches in Italy to get stressed out in the few days you have available?

Personally, for some time I have discovered the tranquility of the mountain that has no equal, especially in spring and summer: it helps to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle.

Travel in the low season, so as to spend less and find less chaos (and consequently less stress), avoid the places everyone goes to like the plague because that’s not where you can rest. The journey is not nice because you spend money, it is the experience that enriches you!

Rest is essential, recharging the batteries helps to be more awake and creative.

4. Never feel “arrived”, be humble

It happens to achieve good results: a salary increase, a career spurt, a project that starts to become productive and bring money.

The mistake that many make is that of mounting their heads and believing themselves to be the best in the world: it is a childish feeling that affects us all. “Falling from the tower is not difficult,” said a well-known singer and the reasoning is not entirely wrong: sometimes it takes a long time to build, while it takes very little to destroy.

Mounting one’s head is not only wrong because it alters the perception of the world around us but makes you lose the references, in the long run, it removes clarity and reduces the ability to stay on the piece.

In a hectic time like ours, a distraction is enough to stop being at the top, if you want to be successful in life you can’t afford to be left behind!

5. Surround yourself with capable people

To do great things you will need help: alone you do not go anywhere, not even in football the numbers 10, however strong, win more games alone as they once did.

Choose carefully the team that must support you: you don’t necessarily have to surround yourself with people like you, on the contrary, it is good that the skills are complementary and there is sharing of risks and aspirations.

However, in doing this, put aside friendships and kinships: human relationships are important, I’m not telling you to send friends or relatives to that country, I’m just telling you that if you want them to “get on board” you have to evaluate them based on to their skills. You can’t afford to pull them into your professional dreams if they don’t feel like it or aren’t up to it.

Needless to say, however, that if you can share a journey with your friend or friend of all time, with the love of your life or with a relative you feel connected to, it is even more beautiful: however, be serious with yourself. And with those around you and carefully choose your partners because especially in the startup phase it is essential!

6. Set goalsHow To Grow Up

Succeeding in life is a goal: we have said that success is measured by personal and not always universal criteria, so you cannot say in a standard way what you have to do to achieve it.

This does not mean that, whatever path you want to take. It is necessary that you set your goals well: only in this way will you have a goal to reach. And you can periodically check if you are doing well, how far you are, what you can do to improve and. Perhaps, you will in mind to raise the bar and keep growing.

“I live for the day” is a loser saying: if you want to win you must absolutely know what you intend to do.  And you must compare your path every day with the changing external conditions (market, competition, technology, fashion, etc …).

7. Think big

If you want to make a fortune, you have to think big. Because it doesn’t mean that you can reach every goal that you have set for yourself.

If the stakes are high, even partially completing the road map that you have set yourself can be satisfying: if you start from the beginning thinking small. And working to be satisfied, the risk is not to eat even the crumbs.

Jeffrey Wilson

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