Customization Options of Personalized Cooking Utensils

Personalized kitchen utensils make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. Give your customers the ability to customize utensil sets with a configurator that offers options based on their preferences.

Options of Personalized Cooking Utensils

Add a dash of personality to any meal with custom cooking utensils that can be cleanly laser engraved with a message, logo, or design. These customized kitchen utensils are great for giveaways at tradeshows and conventions or for gifting to loved ones.


Ladles are essential kitchen utensils for restaurants, catering businesses, and food service operations. Customized ladles can serve as long-term advertising investments that keep your company’s branding in customers’ sights, whether they use them for a quiet night in or a celebratory dinner party.

Buffet ladles are an essential utensil for salad bars in restaurants, cafeterias, and other self-serve settings. They’re available in various sizes with curved handles that make them easy to hold. Many include pour spouts on both sides, so users who are left- or right-handed can easily use them. These utensils are also dishwasher-safe and sanitized for quick cleaning at the end of your shift.


If you know someone who loves cooking, surprise them with excellent, personalized cooking utensils. From personalized pizza cutters to customized measuring spoon sets, these unique products are practical and make the perfect gift.

Spoons are one of the most basic kitchen utensils, but they perform essential functions, including stirring and scooping ingredients. 

Large ladle spoons are a must-have in any kitchen, as they’re ideal for sauteing or baking. They can also navigate cookware crevices to help users clean their dishes. We also offer a spork spoon that adds additional functionality to the kitchen, as well as a slotted spatula that can be used for a variety of tasks. These versatile utensils are perfect for camping trips, beachside picnics, and other meals outside the home. They also make great giveaways at corporate events and community parades.


The perfect tool to flip pancakes, stir a pot of chili, or create a jaw-dropping omelet, custom spatulas are versatile. They make a great gift for cooks of all skill levels and are available in different shapes and sizes, including heat-resistant silicone pieces.

These promotional kitchen tools are ideal for restaurants, wellness centers, and grocery stores. They also make affordable giveaways at conventions and community events. A customizable cooking utensil like this helps to spread the word about your business and can become a permanent part of the kitchen toolbox for customers, friends, and family members.

Personalized kitchen utensils are always appreciated gifts, so surprise friends, loved ones, or co-workers with a set featuring their monogrammed initials. They’ll love the pretty details and think of your brand whenever they use them! 

Graters and Zesters

Add a sprinkle of zest or a pinch of finely grated cheese to pasta dishes, baked goods, and hot chocolate drinks. Personalized graters and zesters offer the perfect, fuss-free way to make food preparation easy. Microplane makes several types of graters, including extra coarse, ribbon, and even one that can do both a grater and a zester.

There are also rotary graters that feature a circular blade drum that a user turns to grate ingredients. They are available in various sizes with a selection of acceptable to coarse holes, and many come with a storage container for convenience.

Personalize these utensils with your company logo or message and use them as giveaways at conventions, community events, and workplace fundraisers. These practical promotional kitchen tools will remain in your customers’ homes for continuous brand exposure. They also make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and milestone celebrations. These practical, customized gifts show you care about your customer’s well-being and culinary satisfaction.

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