How to Inspire Your Team as a Leader? Follow These Tips

When we talk about inspiring a team many times we associate the term inspiring with motivating and sometimes we get to confuse them. We must be clear that, although both have a direct relationship, it is difficult that only with the motivation we can inspire our work team.

Nowadays it is common to hear people who say they feel trapped in their work, who constantly seek recognition and who value their position in companies; This happens because leaders give more weight to the results obtained than to the impact that these results have. Employees want to know that their goals are relevant, that their results are useful, and that they will make a difference inside and outside the organization.

How to inspire your team as a leader?

At the same time, organizations seek to retain their employees by motivating them to avoid losing top talent that could be difficult and expensive to replace. On this path where constant change demands that we evolve as leaders, and in turn the monotonous way of leading our teams, it is essential to anticipate changes, be intuitive.

how to inspire your team as a leader

There is no magic recipe to inspire a team, there are many, and it is up to the leader to customize the recipe that best suits his team. We can start with these simple recommendations that will help us improve our leadership by inspiring and guiding our teams on the road to success.

Inspire confidence

It is a fact that relationships based on trust inspire employees to better carry out their activities. When we trust someone it is because we believe in their abilities, that is immediately perceived and when people know that the leader places that trust in them, motivates and inspires them to do their best. Even when the results are not as expected, it is important not to point the finger, trust must be created little by little and one way to do this is to correct the path and provide the tools so that the results are better.

Guide by example

When a leader sets the bar high, he has tools to demand good results from the team. The impact of being consistent with our actions is of utmost importance to gain credibility, this is spread and transmitted to our team.

Think positive

Most of the time it is easier for us to highlight the errors or defects than the virtues of a project or task, and we lose sight of the lessons that this can leave us. The job of a leader is to motivate the team to seek the “how to” best results can be achieved, reminding them that all the great work done makes a difference. This will undoubtedly inspire more than “constructive criticism.”

Respect the work of your team

Unfortunately, employees are eager for recognition because they forget the significantly greater value of earning respect for their work and that of others; This is reflected when people become selfish, believe that they can work better than anyone else and that they can only trust themselves. As leaders we must convey that respect is much more important than recognition.

Meets the needs of the team

The best way to meet the needs of our team is to know what those needs are. For this, active listening – taking time to interact with people beyond the workplace – is essential, and speaking of the professional field, a technique to know the needs is to establish innovative activities or projects that challenge the team to leave daily operation; by giving continuity we will notice the change and his desire to do things better. The apprenticeships will help us to get to know our collaborators more and thus be able to give a better approach that inspires us to improve their work and infect the rest of the team.

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