How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

The bustle and constant stress of modern life, with its frantic pace, cannot but affect the emotional component of life. As a result, a person accumulates fatigue, which can manifest itself completely differently. At the same time, the emotional background helps to establish contact between people and to find a common language with each other, therefore it is extremely important to properly express your feelings while controlling inappropriate impulses. In many situations of life, it is unprofitable to flaunt your own emotions. The ability to control your emotions as a gift that either comes from nature or develops throughout life.

How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

Secrets of managing your emotions

Balanced and confident people can control their emotions. Some category of others begins to simulate feelings (for example, to portray joy, to be indifferent, etc.) depending on the situation in order to hide the true mood. At the same time, restraint (delay) of emotions provokes the emergence of aggression or resentment. Such an internal state at any time can trigger an emotional outburst and a neurosis.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the rigid control of the arising negative emotions. They cause damage to the human body only on a regular basis. In some situations, this behavior will help prevent conflicts, work problems, etc. Proper expression of emotions (delight, sense of humor, interest) will allow endearing a person.

Emotions are usually expressed in the following forms:

  • expressive movements;
  • emotional action;
  • expressing opinions about the surrounding reality.

How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

Facial expressions all the thoughts and desires of man After controlling the course of your thoughts, you can achieve and express emotions in the right direction. In the modern world, it is impossible to allow emotions to control a person since he will not be able to affect any of the situations that have arisen in the heat of passion.

Give a way out to your emotions

Almost everyone needs an emotional discharge. When it is not there, then increased feelings provoke tension and, as a result, illness. In order not to accumulate negative energy within you, you need to arm yourself with the following tips:

  • a regular outburst of emotions (even after crying, a person will be able to free himself from the “burden”)
  • discussion of problems and communication about them with close people;
  • communicating with the reflection in the mirror to study the root causes of the arising tension and getting rid of them);
  • keeping a personal diary for a detailed analysis of their behavior and its consequences in the future.

For emotional discharge, it will be useful to fool around a bit. Feeling like a child, you can get at least briefly a feeling of carelessness and confidence. A popular technique for many years successfully used in psychology and psychotherapy. Training and self-hypnosis still did not bother anyone. Regular repetition of the phrases “I am calm”, “I feel better”, “everything is all right” and expressions like them will allow you to find spiritual harmony and calm down for a certain time.

How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

The ability to relax – an art

How sometimes there is a lack of emotional balance and a sense of harmony. At first glance, it seems that everyone can relax without much effort. Practice shows that this is not always the case. Therefore, people go loaded with their own problems – they are not able to fully enjoy life. To relieve tension in psychology and psychotherapy a variety of relaxation techniques are used.How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

The key to emotional balance and the ability to control your emotions in time is the ability to relax. Such a person’s ability is extremely important because physical injuries are always paid attention to, unlike mental wounds. Mental and nervous tension does not immediately become visible. Modern life is very active, and a person does not notice such symptoms as fatigue, inability to concentrate on important things, irritation during the working day and insomnia. All of these factors will ultimately lead to an explosion of negative feelings from which the people around will suffer. That is why, before learning to control your emotions, it is necessary to bring thoughts and feelings in order.

A way of experienced yogis

One of the most popular techniques is meditation. You need to imagine yourself in a pleasant place (for example, on the beach or forest glade). Surf and pacified sound of the sea will contribute to the restoration of emotional balance. Meditation should be carried out in a well-ventilated room, comfortable clothing, a relaxed atmosphere and not on a full stomach. Closing your eyes and presenting yourself in your favorite place will allow you to transfer to another world. At the moment of relaxation, the entire nervous system is brought into balance.

How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

It will be easy to learn relaxation techniques, but at the first practical training, the help of a psychologist is needed. Popular activities will help:

  • learn to fully relax;
  • facilitate the fight against a number of diseases;
  • make the right decisions and ultimately learn how to control your emotions.

Emotion plays an important role in human life. Failure to manage them can lead to very sad events. For a full life, everyone needs both positive and negative feelings that are associated with anger, resentment, jealousy, and despair.

How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

We restrain our emotions, not to the detriment of the nervous system

Self-control, restraint, and self-control are lacking in many people. Such valuable skills are mastered along with life experience. The person is constantly trained and improved. Self-control allows you to achieve a lot in life; the most valuable achievement is inner peace of mind. It is necessary to control your emotions, not to the detriment of intrapersonal conflict. It is imperative to gain a complete understanding of your own self.

The depressed and irritable state interferes with the normal development of the personality, as well as career growth (cooperation and relationships with an unbalanced psychopath are still a pleasure). Living together with a hysterical turns into a train of serious quarrels and eventually leads to divorce.

How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

Constant suppression of emotions and the restraint of negatives is not a panacea for the “emerging emotional illness.” Suppressing irritation and bad mood, there is a high risk of getting psychological abnormalities. Negative need from time to time to “splash out” somewhere, but not on other people.

Ways to control your emotions without harming the inner world

  • Regular exercise (during training, the person spends all the internal resources for the rapid withdrawal of the negative);
  • creating for yourself a comfort zone (arrangement of the workplace, restoring order in the house, etc.);
  • prioritization;
  • changing the environment and expanding the circle of communication.

How To Control Your Emotions And Not To Be Nervous

Using any of the above methods, a person must mentally desire to give an outlet to his emotions. In this case, he will be able to feel relief, and he will no longer have a desire to break loose on someone. The above preventive measures allow for a long time to protect themselves from the negative, as well as nervous breakdowns.

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