Three Ways to Manage Back Pain

Chronic back pain can often feel debilitating when trying to accomplish even the simplest tasks. If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from back pain, you don’t have to simply endure it. Here are three ways to manage your back pain and find some much-needed relief.

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Seek Help From a Professional

Research specialists in your area who offer back pain treatment jacksonville fl. There are many ways to find relief, from chiropractic alignments to massage therapy to pain site injections. There have been many recent developments in pain management within the past decade, so it’s worth it to find out more about your options. You may be surprised by how effective these alternative methods can be.

Stay Active and Stretch Often

While it may be tempting to constantly rest, back pain can be made worse by a sedentary lifestyle. However, it’s important to choose activities that aren’t strenuous on your back when trying to be more active. The motion of walking can help relieve stress and pressure. Stretching and yoga can be incredibly helpful in relieving back pain. Swimming is another good option that allows the body to move and stress without extra pressure, and the feeling of weightlessness can provide some extra relief.

Change Your Posture and Sleeping Position

Back pain is often at its worst first thing in the morning. This is often due to a poor sleeping position throughout the night. Be sure you’re using a firm, supportive mattress and sleeping flat on your back. Placing a few pillows just beneath your knees can relieve pressure, and sleeping with a weighted blanket can help you stay in position throughout the night. During the day, be aware of your posture at all times and use firm chairs with sturdy back support every time you sit.

All of these methods can help you avoid potentially addictive opioid medications and even surgery for your back problems. However, it’s important to be evaluated by a physician to make sure you don’t need medical intervention or treatment.

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