The wellbeing of your staff should be your priority

The wellbeing of employees is crucial for any company, especially in today’s world where mental health problems are on the rise. These issues can be attributed to the increasing pressure on people’s schedules and stress we feel in our daily lives.

  • Good management practices can help create a work environment in which stress-related issues are minimised or avoided. It is important to have a procedure for supporting employees who work in environments that are high-pressure or in which targets are emphasised.

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  • Stress awareness is a key component of increasing managers and employees’ understanding of its causes and effects. Managers can identify staff who show signs of stress and act before the problem becomes serious for the employee as well as the company. When you think I need someone to talk to, consider
  • Develop a culture of openness and support for people who are experiencing mental illness or stress. It may be necessary to create areas in the office conducive to relaxation, allowing staff to take a break.

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  • Engagement with employees to build constructive and effective working relationships. It allows employees to feel that they can speak to their colleagues to help them achieve business targets and to have someone to talk to if they are having any work problems.
  • Work arrangements that allow employees to feel like they can maintain a good work-life balance.
  • Encourage staff to take ownership of their health and wellbeing through health promotion initiatives and programmes.

When we create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable talking about their feelings, they will be more productive. Businesses will also benefit.

Eliana Brown

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