Games to play in class

The game is a basic tool for education, especially in the case of the little ones. In fact, it may be the most effective lesson. Through play, children can develop their senses and gain new knowledge without even realizing it. In this way, we can help them discover new words, shapes, or colors, as well as learn to relate to their peers.

There are endless games to play in class, from the best-known and traditional to the newest games to play in virtual classes. If you want to know some of the most entertaining and that the little ones especially like, in We offer you a selection with the best.

What or who am I?

What or who am I is a classic that can be adapted to any age, which is why it must be included among the best games for children’s education. It means posing a challenge to the little ones, who will have to guess the name of something, for example, an animal, following the successive clues provided by their teacher.


The memory stands out among the games to play in class with PC. It’s a lot of fun and helps develop visual memory. It consists of showing an image to the students, keeping it on the computer screen for a few seconds, and then removing it and playing to see who can remember the most details. For example: How many trees were there in the photo? How many people wore hats? What animal appeared?

The differences

Along the same lines as the previous one, this game to play in class consists of showing the children two very similar images, but with some small differences that must be discovered.

Chained words

It is a good idea to increase the vocabulary of the little ones. The teacher says a word and the first participating child has to say another that begins with the syllable in which the teacher’s word ended. The rest of the children will do the same. For example hen – nose – curl – fox…

One, two, three, little English hen

This game to play in class is ideal for children to develop psychomotor skills in the most fun way. One stands with his back to the rest of the class, who will stand a few meters away and try to move forward while the ‘watchman’ has his back turned. When you say “one, two, three, little English hen” it will turn. The rest must remain immobile under the supervision of the teacher, who will eliminate from the game whoever moves.


It can be played in class, with a simple piece of paper, or on a PC screen. It consists of guessing a word revealing each of its letters . With each failure, the ‘gibbet’ will be closer.

I see I see

It is one of the favorites among the games for children of 2 – 3 years. The teacher thinks of an object that is in class and says the classic “I see I see”, to which the little ones respond ‘what do you see? From here the teacher will give clues so that the children can solve the mystery.



It will provoke the laughter of the little ones in class when they have to represent the word indicated by their teacher. The most fun? That one of his companions will stand in front of him and will have to exactly imitate his gestures, as if he were in front of a mirror.

Number bowling

This game for children’s education is a good tool to introduce children to the world of numbers. It consists of making bowling pins (for example, with plastic bottles) and putting a number from 1 to 9 on each one. Once ready, you have to knock them down with a ball or ball and add numbers to see who gets the highest score.


It is one of the best games to play in virtual classes. The teacher displays the first enlarged image on the screen, which is actually a fragment of the complete image that the children must guess. If they are not correct, new ‘zooms’ will be added until they are complete.

Collective drawing

The little ones will not only be entertained by painting but will also learn what it means to work as a team. Guided by the teacher, who proposes a theme, such as “drawing a city”, one of the children begins to paint and, when the teacher signals, he must leave his work for another child to continue.

What is it for?

This game to play in class is a good option to let your imagination run wild. The teacher chooses any object in the classroom and explains its usefulness. The fun begins when the children have to say other possible uses. Even the craziest ones are worth it and the more, the better.

Guess riddle

There are endless riddles and fun riddles suitable for the little ones who simply love to get them right, learning while having fun.

With the lyrics…

Increasing vocabulary and practicing calligraphy is the objective of this game that consists of the teacher choosing a letter and proposing to write, at full speed, a series of terms that begin with that letter, for example, proper name, country, animal, and thing start with… F: Felipe, France, seal, fire


This well-known board game can also be brought into the real or virtual classroom. A child thinks of a word and must try to draw the concept as well as possible so that the rest of the classmates can guess what it is about.

What do I give?

Developing the sense of touch is the objective of a simple game that the little ones really like. In class, the teacher will put an object in the hands of a child. The grace is that the little one must have his eyes closed. Just by feeling him with his hands, he will have to guess what he is.


The best puzzles are those with large pieces so that it is easier for them to handle them. The teacher distributes the pieces among the children and they all work as a team for a common goal.

Four in a row

A classic to play in class or on the PC and for the little ones to start working on straight lines: horizontal, vertical, and oblique.

The vowels

Developing imagination and increasing vocabulary is the objective of this educational and collective game. The teacher says one sentence and each child must say another until together they make a great story.

The phone

The children sit in a circle and the teacher says a sentence in the ear of the first one that the little one will have to repeat, also in the ear of his partner, and so on. Finding out how the initial message has changed by reaching the end of the circle will be a fun discovery.

Giant crossword

It can be done in person and it is also a game to play in virtual classes. The teacher proposes a large crossword puzzle made up of simple words with definitions adapted to the age of the children. Together they will fill in the spaces to cross the words.

Crazy emoji

On a computer screen or on the blackboard, the teacher draws some of the most popular emoticons. A child thinks of a word and chooses one that he thinks represents it. His classmates will hve to guess what it is about by asking him questions.

The treasure

It is one of the games that children of all ages like. The class is divided into two teams and the teacher hides a ‘treasure’ somewhere in the classroom. He hands out clues to both teams, who must work together to crack them and get to the precious loot.

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