The Value of Life Insurance in Young Adulthood

Life insurance is typically on a few young adults’ to-do lists, but buying a policy now could save you money in the long run. Term and whole life insurance policies offer lower premiums for younger people, while the cash value component has more time to grow. The main reasons to secure a life insurance policy in your 20s are affordability and peace of mind.

Life Insurance in Young Adulthood

Cash Value

When you buy life insurance, a portion of your premium goes toward the death benefit and cash value account. You can use the cash value for several purposes, as it increases based on investment gains and a fixed amount. Purchasing a permanent policy when you’re young or choosing a term policy that you can convert to permanent coverage at the appropriate time will help you amass this wealth. Denver Life Insurance Agency can assist you in choosing the ideal policy for your needs.

Some policyholders use the money they build in their cash value accounts to pay premiums, which helps keep their policies active. However, if you withdraw or borrow too much, your death benefit could be affected, and your policy may lapse. Talk to your agent and insurer about how withdrawal, loans, and premium payments work in your policy. Remember, you must pay income tax on any cash distributions greater than the sum of your premium payments.

Dependency Protection

Purchasing life insurance is a beautiful way to guarantee that your heirs will be cared for in the event of your death. Whether you have children, a spouse, or other loved ones who depend on you financially, having life insurance can help them pay off debt, cover expenses, and provide income for the future. Even young adults without families should consider life insurance coverage. Term policies are more affordable and can be purchased for a specific number of years. In addition, some whole-life or universal policy options offer cash value and accelerated death benefits.

Purchasing life insurance may not be the first thing that comes to mind for many young adults, but this is one of the best times to get coverage. Younger individuals are typically healthier and can qualify for lower rates on premiums for both term and permanent policies. They can lock in low rates for years and potentially avoid expensive premium increases as they age.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is affordable for young adults to get the protection they need. Premiums tend to be lower for people of this age range because providers view them as less of a risk given their health and career trajectory. The death benefit from a term policy can help cover financial obligations, such as mortgage payments, or provide for future goals, like paying for college tuition. Shopping around and comparing providers before choosing a plan or coverage amount is essential, as the specific policy and terms may vary.

Young adults need to purchase a life insurance policy early to ensure that their loved ones don’t suffer financially in the event of an unexpected death. Buying a policy when they’re young and healthy can also lock in rates, which can be helpful for families that are looking to budget their costs. 

Peace of Mind

Life insurance may not be on everyone’s to-do list when they are young, but it should be. When a policyholder dies, it provides loved ones significant financial support. In exchange for a monthly fee, a death benefit will be paid to beneficiaries in case of an insured’s untimely death. While it is never too early to get life insurance, buying it when you are younger and healthier is usually more affordable than purchasing it at an older age or if you have health concerns. It’s true with term life insurance policies.

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