How Do You Stop Letting My Emotions Control Me?

As we well know, sometimes we feel that our feelings and emotions control us, and not us. But we see that there are people who have better skills to lead their lives satisfactorily. You may then wonder why you can’t control your emotions and they can.

Well, they have what we call emotional skills, and these allow them to manage their lives in a more pleasant and effective way. The emotional intelligence is what allows us to better develop in every sphere of our lives, without reaching estresarnos and overcoming obstacles presented to us.

“The more social intelligence you have, the happier and stronger you will be, and the better personal relationships you will have.”

– Daniel Goleman-

How do you stop letting my emotions control me?

How do you stop letting my emotions control me?

Keep in mind that nobody is free from having negative emotions, even if they have high emotional intelligence. Since emotions both positive and negative will always be present, the secret is to identify them and know the reason for them, to manage them accordingly.

By identifying each of our emotions we can know what it is that worries us or makes us feel good, and with this, we can have better relationships with the people around us and, even more, success in every area of ​​our life (even in the labor).

Why is it important to manage emotions satisfactorily?

A person who knows how to manage his emotions usually has a more successful life, and not so much because of his intelligence or decisions, but because he knew what to do, say, feel or how to behave in each comment with others and with himself, of course.

Unfortunately, a person with little emotional control may feel that their life is not worth much or may feel like a failure. Since negative emotions, such as anxiety and stress, can have great repercussions, both physically and mentally, if they are not controlled since they appear.

For example, anxiety affects us directly in our body, feeling a knot in the stomach or inability to breathe. That is why it is necessary to identify where this anxiety comes from and look for ways to know how to manage it.

Knowing how to control our emotions makes us feel more capable of facing different challenges, keeps us healthy, keeps us away from disorders such as depression, helps us to have better relationships with others, and can avoid negative consequences such as drastic mood swings. since these affect our interpersonal relationships.

A person with emotional intelligence knows well how he feels. Also, he knows how to communicate correctly with others and, in addition, he is able to identify how others feel in a certain situation.

Some ideas to control your emotions

There are many ways to learn to manage our emotions to enjoy a fuller life. Here we will give you some tips so that you can control your emotions and, therefore, improve your life:

  • Having good mental health implies a good diet, a good exercise routine, sleeping or resting enough hours.
  • Stopping to think about what happens to us every day will help us calm down when we see that we are going to lose control. Breathing or relaxing can help us not to fall victim to the urge.
  • Learning to manage our conflict resolution skills is essential. It will not only serve to advance ourselves but also to help others.
  • Therapy is always a viable option. The experts will always be ready to provide us with necessary tools to help us.

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