How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

Man is a social creation, preferring to live in society, rather than alone. People tend to want to please others, to be necessary and to play a certain role in society. No matter what anyone says, any individual depends on the opinions of others about him. Thanks to this sensitivity, each person can be manipulated to achieve personal goals. Sounds selfish? Well, you can close an article and never return to it, but know one thing: moralists rarely succeed. To those who remain, we will tell how to manipulate people. Devote us 5 minutes of your time, and we will make of you an experienced puppeteer, capable of masterfully pulling the strings of human destinies. Just 5 minutes, ladies and gentlemen, and you will learn to better understand human psychology.

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

How marketers manipulate us

Before we begin, let’s look at examples of how other people rule us. If someone mastered the art of manipulation, it is marketers. As an example, take the usual supermarket, which everyone probably visits.

Imagine a situation: you came for bread, but it was not in a familiar place. For some reason, the product was moved to the other end of the supermarket, which made it necessary to spend a fair amount of time to find a flour product. Why does this happen sometimes? It’s simple: while you are looking for a particular product, you are looking at other products on the shelves, thus increasing the chance that you will buy something. If the bread were in a familiar place, you would most likely go to it without noticing other items for sale.

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

Last example. Many of our readers already have children. Surely you often go with the baby to the supermarket. Were there any situations that you were standing at the checkout, and your child was hysterical and wanted to get him a Kinder surprise or another tasty treat from the shelf? We think so. When the baby roared and wanted something badly, you were ashamed to refuse him, given that everyone who stood in the line was staring at what was happening.

Why is this happening? Elementary: children’s products are purposely placed at the very bottom, where the child’s field of view is so that he sees and wants them. What is this if not the manipulation of others? If someone can manipulate people from selfish motives, then what stops you? And now the most interesting!

How to manipulate people: from complex to simple and vice versa

Human psychology is such that he has the ability to agree to the request of the other if he has already denied him anything. Many people know this and successfully manipulate such knowledge. The bottom line is that you need to ask someone to do something difficult, and when he refuses, ask for something simple. A trivial example: you can try to borrow money from someone in this way. To begin with, say, ask for 10 thousand rubles, and when you hear the refusal (since the amount is rather big), ask for a thousand, promising that you will return the debt soon. With this method, you put a person in an awkward position, because no one wants to refuse twice to maintain friendly relations.

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

This rule works and vice versa. If you come to a passerby and ask to be taken to a certain place, he is most likely to refuse (“I have a cat,” “I’m sorry, I am on a date,” etc.). But if you first ask for a way, and then ask for a hold, then with a high probability you can hear the affirmative “yes, of course.”

Proximity manipulation

If the boss at work is going to curse you, the main thing is to approach him correctly. We are talking literally now. When the moment of “shame” comes, approach the boss almost end-to-end and show with all appearance that you are ready to listen carefully. Often, such a technique discourages a person, because when someone is in the immediate vicinity, many lose courage. Check and see for yourself!

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

Sex as a manipulative weapon

Many girls intuitively know how to manipulate people with sex. The point is quite simple: if your young man behaves well, you should encourage him in bed, but if not, punish him. If a man is guilty, you can refuse him or be indifferent in bed. When he does something nice, you should thank your lover. Thus, the young man develops the following model of thinking: “good deed = great sex”. He will strive in every way to please you with gifts, to make surprises and other amenities, just to earn your favor in the intimate plan. Let it be a little wrong to manipulate this way, but such methods really work, so you can sometimes indulge in “indulging”.

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology


Learning to manipulate the mind of a person with the help of a sense of guilt is the simplest, and such a skill is most likely embedded in every woman. It’s simple: you ask someone about something, he refuses, you go all so sad, showing how you are suffering so much. Provided that a person is not indifferent and has at least a bit of empathy, he will feel guilty. If it is strong enough, it will surely fulfill your request, since it will not be able to withstand such pressure. Be careful: emotional personalities may even become depressed, so it’s better not to abuse the described method.

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

How to manipulate people with beauty

If nature has rewarded you with beauty, manipulate it. Especially good looks can act on strangers who see you for the first time. Go to someone and ask for something with a smile. Highly likely to help you, as people are more willing to make concessions to those who they like. The main thing here is to be able to apply correctly. Be natural: a tense smile will give you giblets.

Flattery – Bullet Manipulation

It is extremely difficult to build relationships with an individual who has overstated self-esteem, but it is easy to manage. To earn a favor, it is enough to include flattery in conversations. The problem is that it is quickly recognized, and therefore it is necessary to have a good command of the language in order to flatter naturally. Constantly praise the interlocutor, give him compliments, confirm his undeniable status, and then ask for what you want.

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

Manipulate People using fear

People are scared. Even the most daring nightmares. Human fear can be skillfully used, and this has been practiced for many years, especially in business. A trivial example: you came to the dentist, and he says that it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth, as they are located incorrectly, which may cause complications. Why should a doctor lie? First, the specialist wants to make money. Secondly, you will not need wisdom teeth anyway, and therefore he does not see anything wrong with their removal, even if there are no problems. Thousands of such examples can be cited, but the essence is simple: people’s fear is exploited by those who know how to do it correctly.

How To Manipulate People Correctly And Imperceptibly-Psychology

Now that you know the basic methods of manipulation, you can practice, and do not be bothered by the conscience that you use people, because they use you too! Good luck!

Ashlyn Walker

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