4 Reasons to Invest in Christmas Light Services

A professional holiday light installer will install, maintain, and remove your outdoor lighting for the season. They will also store the lights for future use.

Working at heights and running electrical, operating a Christmas light business has risks. To reduce risk, set up a separate business bank account to improve cash flow and keep personal expenses separate from business income and expenses.

Invest in Christmas Light Services


A home adorned with Christmas lights is a beautiful sight. However, putting up and taking down the decorations isn’t easy and can be dangerous. In fact, according to a report from the National Fire Prevention Association, electrical fires caused by holiday lighting cause $9 million in damage and nine deaths each year.

Hire a professional to handle the work to avoid tangled mess and fire hazards this season. In addition to safety, you’ll also save time and energy on precious commodities this holiday season.

For landscape contractors whose work slows down in late fall and winter, offering Christmas light services can be a lucrative new revenue source. For retirees, stay-at-home moms, and students (some have paid for their entire college education by working as seasonal Christmas light installers), it’s an ideal way to make extra money each month. Just be sure to provide quality products with a UL safety certification so that they last for years to come.

Saves You Time

When you hire a professional Christmas light service, you save yourself time. It can take hours to figure out a creative idea for your lights, find the right ones, and install them. Most homeowners need more time to do this during the holidays, so they prefer to hire a company to take care of it besides exterior house cleaning services.

Offering holiday light installation can be a profitable side business for landscape contractors. Since the season is short, it helps them bring in extra cash when not mowing lawns or trimming trees. Creating a professional website that makes it easy for clients to request work and book services is an essential first step. Consider hiring a graphic designer to create a unique logo for your business that you can use on your website, social media, truck, uniforms, and business cards. Using route optimization software to assign tasks to team members also improves efficiency and reduces driving time and fuel costs.

Saves You Money

The cost of buying lights and decorations, plus the time spent putting them up and untangling them, can add up quickly. Hiring a professional saves you money and energy, precious resources this time of year.

A Christmas light business isn’t for everyone, but if you’re comfortable working at heights and willing to learn about electrical work, it can be profitable. With a low initial investment, including ladders and essential tools, a determined entrepreneur can potentially break even in their first season.

In addition to holiday lighting, businesses can offer other types of permanent outdoor lighting that provide a year-round return on investment. With a wide range of color options and customizable displays, these installations can provide homeowners with an added layer of privacy while also making their property stand out in the neighborhood. These durable fixtures are also energy efficient and come with a seasonal warranty. This makes them a smart option for anyone looking to reduce their energy bills while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Saves You Space

When your schedule is packed with shopping for gifts, planning family meals, and pre-ordering the latest hot toy before it sells out, hiring a professional Christmas light service takes one more thing off your to-do list. Plus, you won’t have to worry about storing or repairing all those lights after the holidays.

For new business owners and existing landscape contractors looking to capitalize on a seasonal opportunity, offering Christmas light installation is a profitable endeavor with low start-up costs. However, working at heights and handling electrical can be risky, so ensuring that all team members are adequately trained with the proper safety equipment is essential. Using route optimization software to assign jobs to the nearest team member can also help reduce driving time and fuel expenses.

Kirk recommends businesses begin marketing their services as soon as Halloween hits to reach customers when they consider getting their decorations up. He also suggests offering a sign-up incentive to encourage customers to book their services early.

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