Disgusting or Helpful? Bodily Functions that Keep us Healthy

There are many things that the body produces which are often seen as disgusting – but our amazing bodies help us in many ways, including by producing a range of different substances – here are a few gross but helpful bodily functions…

Snot – Although we see snot as disgusting, it is a very important part of the body and helps it to function. Snot helps to trap dirt and dust that might be breathed in through the nostrils, as well as helping our body to fight off infections of the respiratory tract. Snot also ensures that the delicate linings of the nasal passes are kept moist, and therefore healthy.

As long as you keep your snot to yourself of course, sharing it is not very hygienic, so make sure you use tissues when you sneeze!

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Earwax – Another thing that is often thought of as particularly disgusting but is in fact useful is earwax. Earwax is the natural way that our ears clean themselves out, pushing any dirt and debris back out of the ear so that it doesn’t cause issues. Sometimes, earwax can become problematic – this can be caused by swimming in cold water, poking things into the ears, and having ear infections. In this case, you should see a professional like this ear wax removal specialist https://www.earwax.co.uk/

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Vomit – An unpleasant effect of a heavy night of drinking, as well as illness, vomit is not something that anyone enjoys experiencing. However, it is a key way that the body responds to harmful substances in the stomach, as well as invaders like bacteria or viruses. Vomiting helps to clear out problems from the gut and restore you to health.

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