Do you need a visa to visit Greece?

Greece is a country with a rich history, a diverse landscape, and a vibrant culture. Visitors can experience the hospitality of the warm and welcoming locals, enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing and snorkelling, and visit famous archaeological sites. Greece is a member of the European Union and the border-free Schengen Zone. Residents of these 27 countries can travel between other member states without a visa.

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How long can you spend in Schengen Zone countries?

You are allowed to travel within Schengen Zone countries for up to 90 days. If you are spending time in other countries, such as France and Italy, you will have to add the number of days you will be spending in each country together to get a total.

Should you move to Greece?

Deciding whether to move to Greece is a personal decision that depends on various factors, including your lifestyle, career goals, and personal circumstances. The Greece Golden Visa is a programme that allows non-EU citizens to obtain Greek residency by investing in property in Greece.

The programme grants a five-year residence permit to those who are willing to invest in Greece. For more information on Golden Visa Greece and legal support, contact a specialist such as

According to the Daily Mail, Greece is a true holiday destination with plenty to offer and a great place to whet your appetite as a future home.

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Check with the Greek embassy for up-to-date news

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information, you should check with the Greek embassy or consulate in your country; alternatively, you can visit the official website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can also contact the consulate or embassy representing Greece for the latest visa requirements and application procedures.

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