Dust Control Tips for the Garage

Looking to control dust in the garage? Here are some tips for making the job as easy as possible:

1. Finish the Flooring
Make sure your garage is actually ready by finishing it with plywood or drywall. Open walls and ceilings trap air dust and are difficult to keep clean. Need a new door? The latest garage doors in Swindon will help to keep your garage secure and free from incoming dirt.

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  1. Clean Weekly
    Once you’ve invested in new garage doors Swindon, wipe them down regularly, vacuum the floor and wipe the cabinets. This will keep on top of any dust accumulation and help stop it from getting out of control. Find out more: https://www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/swindon/.3. Seal the Floor
    Garage sealing really helps to keep dust down, and the best way to do this is by applying a layer of durable epoxy. Once it’s down it should last for years. There are plenty of different garage sealants available on the market, and they are available in a range of colours and finishes too.4. Cover the Floor
    A great way to keep dust at bay is to cover the floor as much as possible, either with a tarp or with furniture that is easy to keep dusted. Avoid corners that end up getting filled with dust and which are difficult to access.5. Keep the Garage Door Shut
    The best garage doors in Swindon make it easy to access your garage without needing to leave the door open. Close it regularly to stop dust and dirt from blowing in.

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6. Dust and Clean Tools Before You Store Them
The more you can keep your garage possessions clean before you store them away, the easier it is to keep the garage itself clean!

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