Four Common Foot Ailments

Our feet have to do a lot for us, so taking care of them means that we can be healthier and more active. Going to a professional like this podiatrist Cheltenham based specialist on a regular basis can help keep feet in good shape.

Here are some of the most common foot problems that podiatrists see…

Ingrown Toenails

When a toenail starts to grow down into the nail edge rather than out, this can be painful and causes an ingrown toenail. This can be caused by poorly fitting shoes or trimming the nails too short. Often, an operation is required to correct an ingrown toenail.

Athletes Foot

This fungal infection is usually found between the toes on the skin and is caused by dampness. It can be caught from the gym or swimming pool where feet can become damp and cause the fungus to be able to spread. Keeping feet dry can help to prevent athlete’s foot, and it is important that you treat it as it is very contagious.

Common Foot Ailments

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These are bumps that develop on the joint of the big toe, and it can make it difficult and uncomfortable to wear shows. Tight shoes can often cause bunions to develop, as can wearing high heels, so making sure that your shoes are comfortable and fit properly can reduce the risk of developing one.

Common Foot Ailments problem

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These are small lumps that form on the skin usually on the bottom of the foot. They are caused by human papillomavirus and this can spread with skin to skin contact, especially when skin that is infected is wet or broken, which makes swimming pools one of the most common places to catch one from.

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