How macrame can boost mindfulness

Crafts can have many positive impacts on both mental and physical health. Macrame, which is a textile art using knotting techniques, is a great way to boost mindfulness.Mindfulness is the art of bringing oneself into the present moment. It encourages you to focus on your current surroundings, appreciate the now and enjoy the simple things in life. Here’s how macrame can boost mindfulness.

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Macrame soothes the mind

Mindfulness encourages you to turn away from stress, worry and anxiety. By focusing on the knotting techniques required, macrame can distract the mind from tensions. Concentrating on the technique and the feel of the cord in your hands can centre you in the present moment, pushing away anxiety and stress.

It can help you sleep better

When we are calmer, we tend to sleep better. The quiet and repetitive actions involved in macrame can help to calm you down, so practising macrame before bedtime can be a good way to unwind ready for a good sleep. An activity such as macrame before bed is better than screen time, which can interfere with the production of sleep hormones.

It boosts your general health

We all know stress and anxiety are bad for us, impacting not just the mind but our bodies too. The calming and soothing effects of macrame can help you to be more relaxed in your daily life which can improve your overall health. Getting started on macrame could not be easier, especially if you purchase a macrame kit from a specialist such as Wool Couture.

It can increase your pain tolerance

Mindfulness can help change your approach to pain, focusing on the sensation without being attached to the response. Changing your pain mindset can help to reduce the fear associated with it and in turn lower pain sensations in the body. Macrame can hone mindfulness practices which allow you to do this.

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Macrame can reduce depression

Macrame involves a lot of little movements and celebrating the joy of completing them. One of the key principles of mindfulness is to enjoy the simple things, helping to reduce depression.

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