Should office chairs have armrests?

What are the tools of the office? What is it that we use everyday to be able to complete the tasks set before us? There are many answers to that question. Firstly there is the computer or laptopĀ  so that we can input data, analyse figures or read and write reports. Secondly there is the keyboard to input the data and the mouse to guide our cursor around the screen. There is the need for a decent desk to sit at and position our tools in the office accordingly. We need a phone to receive or make calls out to colleagues and new or existing clients. To do any of this we need the internet and the communications and information it provides us. Finally we need a chair to sit in so that we can easily reach all of these things with ease, comfort and support.

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The chair is one of the most important elements of the office and how we use it can determine how stiff we might feel at the end of the day. When you consider that you are going to sit in it for some 7 to 10 hours a day, it puts the need for a decent one into considerable focus. It must provide you with the support and strength to see you through the day. It is literally underneath you and holding you up so you can do your tasks. It’s why people like the Office Chairs Gloucester based supplier offer such vital office equipment to businesses.

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You need armrests to support your shoulders and your elbows. It also reduces the amount of stress placed on your wrists. Ideally the chair should have adjustable armrests to match yours and the desks profile. If you work for a company you can ask to have a desk assessment undertaken to ensure you are sitting correctly at the desk you have been provided.

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