Special places of interest you must see when visiting London

There are so many places of interest and excitement in London that it’s difficult to pick out only a few of them, but if you only have a short amount of time to spend in the Nation’s Capital City then these are the places you really must visit. Buckingham Palace must be at the top of anybody’s list, the home of the country’s sovereign and a building full of history and culture. Westminster Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage site and magnificent building with impressive architecture and the resting place of past kings and queens.

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To get a bird’s eye view of this extensive and beautiful City then climb aboard one of the 32 capsules that encompass the London Eye, made from toughened glass the capsules offer you a unique perspective with 360-degree views over the river Thames. Consider taking a double-decker bus tour of the city so you can learn about many of the vibrant, diverse and colourful areas of the city. The roads are incredibly busy and congested so a bus driven by a professional driver is the safest way of getting around.

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Unfortunately, there are often accidents between the hundreds of cars that do commute around London and sometimes petrol, diesel, oil and other potentially dangerous chemicals are spilled onto the busy roads. The quick use of specialist Spill Kits provided by a professional company such as https://hydepark-environmental.com/spill-response/spill-kits can be used efficiently to clean up any potential disaster so that the busy Londoners can get back to their homes and places of work.

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