The Diverse Range of Job Roles Within the Caring Profession

The care profession is one that is interesting and diverse. For someone who has a naturally caring personality and wants to help people, there are many job roles available to you within the care sector.

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It is often a job where you can also learn as you work – qualifications like NVQs are vocational and therefore you can work your way up through the job as well as gaining qualifications as you go along. In some caring professions, you may have to do more specialised courses such as clinical training courses like this but there are many different specialities that you can pursue and it will depend on the course that you want your career in care to take.

Elderly people are a large care sector, as there are many elderly people that need some help and support. This can range from supporting a person who lives in their own home but might need some help with practical jobs such as filling in paperwork, or cleaning, to people who have life limiting illnesses and are reliant on round the clock care to help them to be safe and comfortable This type of care is usually provided in a care home where there will be all of the facilities that are needed to provide this type of care.

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It is not just elderly people who need care, however. It might be that you care for someone in hospital, or someone who has just left hospital following an operation. This tends to be shorter term care. It may also be younger people who have an illness or disability which means that they require care.

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