Top Tips in Perfecting Your Best Man Speech

If you aren’t used to doing speeches and public talks, then a best man speech could appear pretty scary; not only are you stood in front of your friends and family, but you are also stood in front of people you have never met before. If you aren’t very confident and don’t consider yourself particularly witty, then you might find this a bit of a struggle. Most people expect a Best Man speech to have a bit of humour, so if you lack jokes and a comedic personality, you will need to figure out how to best create a speech that will suit you but will also wow the audience, and the Bride and Groom – if you have been best friends for a while, then it is likely you will have a few funny stories to tell. The most important thing is to be yourself and really speak from the heart.

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Get Help from Others 

When writing a best man speech, it is wise to seek help from others; if you are someone who lacks in the humour department, then why not get some assistance from a family or friend that is wittier? This will help you to add a bit of humour into your speech, which will then give you more confidence to read it out. If you are someone who isn’t very good with words or struggle writing, then you could get assistance from someone who is better at writing; you can note down some key ideas, or you can write a speech yourself and they can proofread it. You can even sit down with your other friends who can give you some more ideas of some funny moments to put in the speech. If you don’t have anyone to assist you with your best man speech, then you could check out these different best man speeches to give you ideas and inspiration.

Create the Perfect Balance 

When coming up with ideas for your best man speech, it is best to mix it up a bit; when people witness best man speeches, they want the funny parts and the emotional parts; if you add too much humour then it could get annoying, however, if you include too many emotional parts, then it could become boring – finding that balance is the key to a perfect best man speech. You also need to consider the Groom, The Bride, and the audience; making too many rude and risque jokes could lead to embarrassment and also horror from the older relatives. If you have a few rude jokes up your sleeve, then make sure to keep it to a minimum, and perhaps double-check with family members to ask if they will be too rude or not.

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Be Confident 

Although it is not the end of the world if you are to mix up your words and get a bit nervous, it is important to relax and appear as confident as you can; if you are worried about forgetting your lines, then having a piece of paper with your script on is perfectly acceptable. There are many people who do inspirational speeches for a living, and they would have had their fair share of awkward blunders on stage, but through experience, they have been able to build up their confidence to talk to large audiences; if you are interested in getting a few useful tips and tricks in public speaking, then why not check, a Conference Speaker who has many years of experience with talking and engaging with large crowds.

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