Transparency in Hospital Pricing

Consumers always want to be able to find the best price for the best product. This includes finding the best price for healthcare. There are ways in which healthcare has attempted to make hospital pricing more transparent, but it has been difficult to translate that information into action. Some hospitals have incorporated their own transparency models that help consumers find the right care through more detailed information and guides on financial assistance. Here are a few of the resources available to consumers to better understand hospital pricing.

Chargemaster Information

Hospitals use chargemaster management to create summaries of charges and services. The chargemaster manages data through capturing the cost of procedures, equipment, drugs, and services, and documents when those items are used. This allows them to manage revenue and find missing charges or inappropriate costs. Hospitals can publish their chargemasters to comply with transparency laws, but oftentimes the information available is misleading or confusing. Hospitals can also offer out-of-pocket cost estimators to help consumers understand the true cost of the medical service they seek. Be sure to take the time to interpret chargemaster data when it is available.

Insurance Information

Insurance can be complicated and difficult to understand. There are hundreds of different plans to choose from. There are many factors to consider when choosing insurance, such as your current state of health, the medications you are on, and any anticipated medical procedures. Different hospitals work with different insurance companies, and may provide information about medical care with insurance or out-of-pocket expenses. By studying your insurance information, it is possible to make a more informed decision about pricing when you’re choosing the right hospital.

Transparency in hospital pricing is still being improved upon, but you can utilize the information available to help determine where to go to find the best in medical care.

Roger Walker

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