Why is self motivation important? Let’s discover with the types

Do you know why is self motivation important? Personal motivation can become a key factor in achieving our personal and professional goals. The lack of motivation is the cause of much of the abandonment when we try to fulfill our dreams. To avoid it, there are techniques to increase self-esteem that will make you trust yourself and you can get your best version.

Why is self motivation important?

Being motivated is very important to be able to focus on achieving the goals we set for ourselves. For this, there are some tips or tips that can help us be motivated at times when we have more difficulty getting it. Follow the ultimate ways to control negative thoughts.

The first of the tips that can work best is to breathe deeply. Although it seems somewhat trivial, the deep and slow breaths help to oxygenate the blood better, sending an extra stimulus to the brain that will wake up and start functioning at times when we feel that we are not performing as we should.

Another good advice is to activate the movement. When we are crashing against the same wall, change your posture, get up from the work table, lower the foot of the bed, walk without needing to go anywhere … the stimulus of a change of environment can help us to load the levels of concentration and energy.

Why is self motivation important

The solution

It is more effective, although always counting on the longer term is to exercise. Activate our active body creating serotonin that functions as a neurotransmitter. This substance greatly influences our general state of mind and generates a sense of calm that takes us away from depressive states and helps us to concentrate and be relaxed.

All this will not be possible without a good rest. The quality of sleep will influence more than quantity. Six hours of quality sleep will be worth more in our effort than sleeping ten hours if it is not a deep sleep and without interruptions.

There are people who need external motivation such as music or some sound to be 100% focused on the task. Everything will depend on the person and the type of music that leads to that state of motivation.

To awaken our personal motivation will be necessary to have clear what is the ultimate goal and what are the rewards that we will obtain along and at the end of the road. Determine exactly what you must do to get it and put all your effort into the work. Only this way you can get what in your head seems difficult.

What is self motivation?

When talking about motivation, we refer to that inner force that pushes us to act in search of achieving an objective, whatever the forces that fight against us? Most of the actions we carry out, from the simplest to the most complex, are usually linked to personal motivation.

We are interested in psychology. In its effort to understand and study human behavior, since its inception to understand what encourages us and motivates us to achieve our goals.

To better understand what we are talking about, we must know that there are different degrees of personal motivation. Depending on its greater or lesser intensity, we will give greater or lesser importance to that objective and we will fight in a more constant way or less to fulfill it.

There are infinite ways to do things, but the most important thing is to know how to choose ours, personalizing the keys that can lead to personal success.

Why is self motivation important

The Different Types of Self motivation

If we go deep into that intensity that we spoke to get what we want, we can distinguish several types of personal motivation.

Extrinsic Motivation: We speak precisely of this motivation when the impulse is generated by one or several external stimuli that make us act. In this case, what will motivate us to follow are the external rewards that we will obtain when achieving said objective. It is necessary to clarify that, in this type of motivation, we can find in the way factors that do not produce direct satisfaction. Even so, we will have present the final prize that will validate all the mechanisms to reach it.

Intrinsic Motivation: In this case, the impulse comes from within us and there does not have to be an external reward to carry it out. It is closely related to the achievement of goals, personal improvement and self-realization. The arrival at the end will generate so much pleasure and satisfaction that we will not need any external motivation for us to do anything to get it.

Positive Motivation: It is one in which we have the impulse to perform an activity by itself, either because we get an external reward (extrinsic) or because the pleasure of doing it is enough and we do not need anything else (intrinsic).

Negative Motivation: As its own name indicates, it is the opposite of positive. The motivation that pushes us to do something is to avoid negative consequences that will make us feel humiliation or failure.

In any of these cases, motivation moves us to achieve the goal, so without being aware of it we will be focused on obtaining the reward.

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