How to say no without offending most people ( 5 attractive ways)

Do you want to learn how to say no without offending? If you often find that others take advantage of your availability and kindness, then it’s time to learn to say no without offending so you can make yourself respected without giving up your education images. You are right if you think that it is not easy to be good and to be respected, but you can do and even. You can succeed without feeling discomfort or guilt.

How to say no without offending?

How to say no without offending

We see 5 ways to say no, making our waste more digestible:

a) Propose an alternative

Example 1: I can not tonight, but if it suits you we could do it tomorrow

Example2: just this job that you propose I do not see it suitable for me, but I could help you with this service

b) Take time

Example: I was not expecting this proposal, I think about it and … I’ll let you know. In that meanwhile, you’re also studying a formula to refuse if this is what you will choose politely.

c) Rejects the proposal and not the person

Example: I go willingly with you, but I prefer to go to another place.

d) Explain why

Example: I do not feel like it because …

e) Addressed the situation with a question

Example: But you in my place would you do, would you accept?

How to say no without offending

The discomfort we feel in saying no is linked to the fact that when we express a refusal, we fear to create an enemy or lose an opportunity without knowing that instead, the ability to say no and know how to support with firmness and elegance would increase the esteem that people they have towards us.

Even the sense of guilt can be avoided if you learn to respond kindly to no. The sense of guilt depends on the fact that as we have experienced the experience of receiving no rude. We would never want to be those who offend others with cruel waste. This sense of guilt if we respond with love and succeed in not offending does not attack us.

How to say no without offending

Now, before you tell us how to say no in a kind way. Let me make sure you’re not one of those people who think they’re getting away with lies to get out of embarrassing situations and discouraged this system. In that case, I tell you that you are risking to let you discover with the consequence that at that point. You will have to accept proposal/request, or worse, you must admit that you lied by making a figure that rightly will affect your reputation so much more serious about the greatness of the lie.

Forgotten this dangerous solution let’s talk about serious solutions, honest and very effective for which I will give an example on each to make them clearer.

How to say no without offending


Remember to use a gentle tone, because remember: kindness calls kindness. Here, I will not give you an example for obvious reasons since I can not express the sound of the voice, but in my radio presentation below you can find other examples and find them with the intonation that helps to understand perfectly what I mean

Good workout !!

Kendrick Brown

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