Self-knowledge: a difficult path full of satisfaction

Self-knowledge-In the pronto of the temple of Apollo of Delphi, the inscription Gnothi Senitor was read, which means literally ‘know yourself’. A profound message that has transcended over time and thatwe can find in a large number of works by Greek authors. Although it is true that its greatest distribution corresponds to Plato when including it in his dialogues.

Self-knowledge is the support and the door that opens the way to self-realization. It is that reflective process through which we know ourselves over time. And that allows us to be aware of our inherent range of defects, virtues and all the qualities present between each of those two extremes.

When you start to think differently and have new thoughts, what you do is start to get to know each other better.

What does it really serve to know you?

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Knowing oneself is the starting point for making decisions aimed at improving our well-being. And improving ourselves day after day. Because those who know each other know what makes them happy, what their needs are and how far they can go. In addition. All this influences self-esteem and the ability to self-control.

Self-knowledge also influences the knowledge of one’s rights, duties and responsibilities. In some way. It provides a broader and sincere view of oneself, which implies the opportunity to reinforce self-love. If it is weakened.

Now, one of the most important aspects is that knowing yourself implies lower impulsiveness. And a greater awareness of feelings, thoughts and actions. In some way, it influences to bear in mind the consequences of our actions as well as of everything that we experience.

To know oneself is a powerful personal strategy of adaptation to the psychosocial environment and acceptance of oneself. Without doubt one of the most profitable skills for any human being.

How is self-knowledge achieved?

People, in general, tend to think that they know themselves well, that they really know how they are. But the reality is that this is not always the case.

Getting to know one is not a simple task and can take years, or we can never get to know each other completely. In fact, experiences change us. We are not the mimes now that a few years ago and neither in the future.

People are immersed in constant change and during our lives we undergo all kinds of transformations in relation to our way of thinking. Acting and understanding our own existence.

Yes, the first requirement to know ourselves is to be honest with ourselves. To do this, we have to get rid of the traps of self-deception. And those mechanisms that we put in place to protect ourselves from time to time. It is about developing a deep analytical capacity and trying to investigate our essence. Which goes far beyond what we think we are.

Phases of the process of self-knowledge

  • Self-perception: it involves the passive, although realistic and intimate observation of our being.
  • Self-observation: it is about analyzing our actions and behaviors in order to understand the reason for our behavior.
  • Autobiographical memory: it is about revising the set of memories and lived experiences, along our lifeline. In this way. It will be easier to remember what has happened to us in our past, at a specific time and place.
  • Self-esteem: this phase corresponds to the review of self-esteem, with how we value ourselves and how we despise ourselves. In some way, knowing us offers us a map of how much we love each other. Which tells us if it is necessary to invest more love towards us.
  • Self-concept: is the set of characteristics that configure the image of one, which has been generated through value judgments.
  • Self-acceptance: after the previous phases in which one reflects on one’s own existence and feelings. It is time to accept one, to look in the mirror and to recognize oneself as one is. Only then will the cycle of maturation and self-knowledge come to an end.

On the other hand, asking about important issues of great importance can help us to follow the path of self-knowledge. For example, who am I? Or what are my goals and objectives? They are important issues that provide us with information about ourselves.

Practice mindfulness is also a good tool, since through it we can reach states of calm and serenity from which to delve into ourselves.

As we see, knowing yourself is not easy. To inquire into our depths, to accept everything we are and what does not entail time, effort. And above all, sincerity? Aspects that not all people are willing to take. But that if they do they will undertake one of the most fascinating trips.

Roger Walker

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