How to Develop a Photographic Memory

The Photographic Memory for a lot is an unreal idea and impossible to reach, however, it is as real as the camera that was just inspired and designed to the model of our eyes. So, it is not surprising that our eyes and mind can reach it without further difficulty. Here, we will present how to develop a photographic memory.

This allows you to remember with a certain level of detail an image that you have seen previously. The higher the level of detail, the greater your ability to retain the images in your mind.

How to develop a photographic memory?

We can improve this ability through some exercises, which you can do if you spend 10 minutes or less a day for 1 month and enjoy the results. Now focus and start like this:

how to develop a photographic memory

1.- Take a book, encyclopedia or magazine that has photos that can be of landscapes, people or house interiors, for example. Choose any photo and look at it carefully for a few moments (1 minute maximum). Close the magazine and see what you can remember about the image

2.- If you are in any room of your house, room or classroom of any building. Look carefully at what is in it. Again, for 1 minute maximum. Close your eyes and see how much you remember.

You can also do it on the street, look at a building for 1 minute maximum. Close your eyes or look away. How much do you remember

Outdoors, in the field, for example. Watch the landscape for 1 minute maximum. Close your eyes and see how much you remember.

Remember that we also have the entry that talks about human memory that will give you an idea of ​​the capabilities that you have and that we take advantage of them because we do not know that we have them.

To make the most of these exercises, we recommend the following:

Gradually increasing complexity. That is, start with exercise 1 with simple photos or images that do not have a great level of detail or without requiring you to remember absolutely everything. Trust that little by little you will be remembered much more information. As much as possible take note or write what you remember, this will serve as a reference regarding your progress.

You can go from one exercise to another, keeping in mind that probably the most complex is the last two (on the street and outdoors) since you will be perceiving a large amount of data that comes from other senses such as smell and hearing at less beside the view. It is easier than with the magazine and room images at home, all that extra perception is much less if you do the exercise in a quiet moment and without noise.

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