How To Increase Self-Confidence?

How to increase self-confidence? This question is asked very many because nowadays most people do not have this confidence. And there is none because some people confuse self-confidence with the presence of money, beautiful appearance and figure, a lot of diplomas and certificates. But self-confidence does not depend on all these external attributes, this feeling and it is either inside you or not.

There are many techniques that will help to increase self-confidence, but for this, these techniques must be used constantly for at least six months.

How To Increase Self-Confidence?

Ways to increase self-confidence

Feel confident now

Do not wait for something unreal to happen so that you can feel confident. Start raising this confidence now. If it’s just so hard for you to feel it, then use the following recommendation:

  • Create a small goal for yourself and break its achievements into steps.
  • Be sure to come up with easy steps that you can complete in a short amount of time without inconvenience and discomfort.
  • For each completed step, praise and indulge yourself with something.

If you do this 2-3 times, then, firstly, you will begin to more easily achieve your goals, and secondly, you will feel an inner self-confidence.

Positive attitude

There are people who, before a responsible step, set themselves up for a negative outcome, and in most cases get it. For example, before asking a boss for a promotion, they begin to invent why he can refuse.

Such thoughts cause clips in the body and lack of self-confidence, as in an employee. The other person feels it and does not give you what you are asking for.

To avoid this, tune yourself only to a positive outcome. Scroll in your head, as the boss is benevolent to you, listens attentively to you, agreeing to give you what you are asking for.

How To Increase Self-Confidence?

Play in confidence

If you are shy, then try to pretend to be relaxed and confident. Imagine that you are an actor and play a role. Such a reincarnation helps to get rid of many blocks, create new neural connections, and after a while, you really feel like an extrovert.

How to feel confident

How to increase self-confidence immediately? Perhaps this is the question you asked when you read the first piece of advice. After all, much easier said than done. In this case, use the technique that helps to increase confidence.

  • Imagine that you have a twin sister, and in her, there is that confidence that you lack.
  • Imagine that she is sitting across from you, and ask her how you can increase your self-confidence? What do you need to do?
  • Write down everything that comes into your head. Do not evaluate, do not reason, just write down and start doing something from this list.
  • Have you taken the first step: Again, imagine your confident sister nearby, who communicates easily with people and achieves all your goals? And ask yourself what you can do today to become her. And follow the answer that came to you.

How To Increase Self-Confidence?

Imagine yourself confident

Our brain cannot distinguish visualization from reality, and since it learns very quickly, you can use this method.

Visualize situations where you behave confidently. It is advisable to visualize before going to bed or when you just wake up, so the new program will quickly be recorded in your subconscious.

After a while, you will be surprised how, once in a similar situation, you will behave in the same way as in your visualizations.

All the above methods are the most effective. After testing them all, you will no longer be wondering how to increase self-confidence, because you will have enough of it.

Ashlyn Walker

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