How to Deal With Bullies at Work

There are many strategies for how to deal with bullying at work. Ignoring the behaviour of bullies will usually not stop the bullying, so you should take action. First, try to find out if others are also experiencing the same problem behaviour and connect it to how their actions affect the business. You should also take your concerns formally to HR and management for support. Once you have logged the specific behavior of the bully, you need to decide how best to solve the issue. If the conditions result in you leaving your job or feeling like you are being made to work in an untenable position, contact an employment law specialist.

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If the bullying is ongoing, consider making a formal complaint. In many cases, situations can be sorted out within the organisation. However, when they cannot be solved through the normal channels, you should consider outside assistance. For information on Constructive Dismissal Claim procedures, Contact Employment Law Friend

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One of the most important steps for preventing bullying at work is to understand what exactly it is that constitutes bullying. The bullying behaviours may be vague and hard to define. It could be something as simple as a coworker criticising your work constantly or even ignoring you or it could involve management changing your hours, pay or even job description without providing you notice if you think this is being done on purpose or even spitefully. All companies must invest in training for staff to highlight what constitutes bullying and how to prevent it.


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