How to be successful in school? 7 Tips for students

Teachers do a lot in schools, but much of the children’s success depends on the help they receive from their parents. All parents expect their children to complete school and have a desire to help. It is important to know How to be successful in school. Here, I am going to tell you the process. I am not a teacher, and I barely did it to such a degree, how are you going to help my child in school? Or, I do not remember algebra anymore, or I do not know how to write a composition. Teachers do a lot in schools, but much of the children’s success depends on the help they receive from their parents. 

How to be successful in school?

How to be successful in school

Here are some important suggestions for children to succeed in school, which parents can implement, no matter what their level of language efficiency is or to what degree they have arrived.

1. First the task, then the game

Prioritize the time of study within the sensible; children should be encouraged to perform their tasks first and then the game. This is a very valuable position that teaches them to be responsible that will have implications when they work.

2. Establish a defined schedule

Children respond very well to structures. Having a routine of regular hours to do your homework in a quiet area of the house designated apart from the distractions, well lit and with the tools, is beneficial. It is essential to limit the use of electronic devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) during the time of the task.

defined schedule

3. Have high goals

The parents’ expectation of the children’s performance in school has a great influence. If a father guesses that his son is not going to do well, the chances are that this will happen. In expectation, parents put enthusiasm that influences children. Remember, do not press them but motivate them.

4. Get involved in school

Get to know your child’s teacher and talk with her about her academic performance and behavior. If you can not speak English, ask for an interpreter at school, or invite someone who can speak it to accompany you.

Request special services at school if your child has learning problems or other problems. Be a volunteer at the school, to the extent that your work schedule allows.

5. Read, read and read

Reading daily is essential. Reading is the entrance of knowledge, and as children advance in school, reading becomes more complex.


6. Continue learning in the summer

Nowadays teachers before the end of classes provide abundant Internet sites and recommendations of programs and books for the summer.

7. Give the example

When parents are responsible for their work, and household chores, they reflect a sense of responsibility that is observed by the children: even the parents who continue studying, the study habits that they have direct influence the habits of the children.


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