Teen Jobs :Tips for working if you are a minor

A common question many Italians ask themselves is whether teenagers can work legally. The answer is yes, always, and when certain conditions are met and adapting to specific jobs. If you want to know everything about jobs for teenagers in Italy, here in Cronoshare we tell you.

Conditions of job offers for teenagers

There are a number of conditions that regularize the works that can be carried out:

  • “Access to work for minors under 16” remains strictly prohibited, as the minimum required is 16 years.
  • The minor who does not live independently must have the authorization of his legal representatives available. In the case of living with parents, authorization must be from both.
  • Having the full capacity to work.
  • Special protection and safety in the workplace.
  • Work with conditions that are unhealthy and dangerous for health. And the development of his professional or human training is prohibited.
  • Night works are also prohibited.
  • It is not possible to make extra hours or work more than 8 hours a day, including the time dedicated to training.
  • If the daily time exceeds four and a half hours. A rest period during the day must be established that is less than 30 minutes.

Jobs for teenagers

Some of the jobs for inexperienced youth can be the following:

Child care

This is the most common job among inexperienced youth or teenagers. The reason is mainly that many of them already have experience in looking after children mainly by taking care of their younger siblings or younger cousins. And want to start earning money by taking care of other children or babies.

This job seems very simple, in reality, it requires great attention, reaction, and responsibility. In addition, it requires implication and availability, as most of the time self-catering babysitting services will be required on weekends and holidays.

If a teenager does his job well, the children’s parents will recommend him to their circle of friends and acquaintances with a child.

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Fees for older people

Caring for an elderly person requires studies and knowledge that a teenager cannot know. However, what yes they can do is run some small errands for older people.

Shopping for and/or going home, going to buy the newspaper, cleaning the house, taking care of the garden, walking the dogs… are among the main tasks that a teenager can do in exchange for a small salary.


Another job that might be suitable for a teenager is gardening. Taking care of the garden of people who don’t have time to take care of it themselves could be a good option to make some money.

You can start with simple tasks, such as watering the plants and removing weeds. As more experience is gained, more complicated tasks can be carried out such as trimming the hedge, pruning shrubs, fertilizing …

Furthermore, if the child ends up enjoying gardening as a professional path, he will already accumulate extensive experience once he reaches the age of majority.

Private lessons

If the child identifies a subject in which he or she has particular knowledge and for which he is very talented, he can use it to his advantage by passing it on to younger pupils in exchange for a small salary. These can be English lessons, mathematics, general review …

The important thing is to have the ability to completely master the subject and know how to teach others.

Warehouse worker or factory worker

In some warehouses and factories, there is work for teenagers for simple tasks such as warehouseman, an assistant on the production line… Each company will have its own conditions, so it will be the child’s job to ask if it will be possible to work with them.

It is crucial that the working conditions for minors, detailed above, are repeated.

Walking and looking after pets

Many people don’t have enough time to walk their pets as often as necessary. Teens in exchange for a small incentive or salary can offer to do so.

In addition, they can also look after pets in their own home or owners, making sure that they are cared for in the right way, always have food and water, receive affection …

Basic computer science lessons for elderly people

Teenagers grew up in the height of the technological age and have a domain of information technology that few are able to match.

Offering basic computer lessons so that they can learn how to create an email account or a social network profile is a very good job idea for a young person.

Manual skills and craftsmanship

In the midst of the technological era, it is very simple to create a profile in a social network or an online store in which to show and sell your creations.

If a teenager is gifted with painting, woodworking, crafts, drawing… he can create his own handicrafts and crafts and sell them over the Internet for extra income.

Other jobs for young people

There are many jobs for inexperienced teenagers that do not require great knowledge or specific skills. A minor can work by making leaflets for a club and shop, for example.

Other shops where there will be no problems in giving employment to minors will be in renovations, painting, plumbing … as long as it is always as helpers or auxiliaries since there are certain tasks that can only be carried out and completed. by an experienced worker.

Tips for working if you are a teenager

Minors, always accompanied

Teenagers must always be accompanied to job interviews by at least one father figure. Minors are very likely to be deceived with a fraudulent offer or with conditions that do not correspond to what was offered in the beginning.

It is the responsibility of parents, guardians, or some responsible adult to accompany the minor to job interviews and to verify what the workplace and conditions will actually be.

Legality first of all

Minors must work within a legal mark that regulates their conditions. When there is exploitation or breach of the law, the adolescent must immediately leave that job. And include taking legal measures if he deems it necessary.

The truth first of all

It is important that the minor does not lie on his CV or his abilities. He has to go to jobs where he thinks his little experience will be enough. Without inventing jobs or studies that he doesn’t have. And most importantly, he must not lie about his age.

It is very difficult to hide being a minor since the data of the person who will be hired will be required to enroll him in Social Security.

Studies are important

Many young people feel disoriented because they do not want to study and feel the need to go directly into the job market. Working from an early age is not something wrong at all, however. It is always very important to have minimal studies for a professional future.

Once you have finished high school you can follow different paths. If you don’t want to continue studying, there are extensive training offers that prepare you for practically all professional branches. IT, electricity, image and sound, hairdresser, plumbing, carpentry, gardening, infirmary …

The important thing is that teenagers find a profession that they are passionate about. And that also counts with the necessary recognition to be able to devote oneself to that completely from the age of majority. In the meantime, you can combine your studies with one of the aforementioned works.

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