A summary of the types of behaviors classified according to several criteria, with their explanations. Talk, laugh, cry, read, eat … all these words have in common that they are verbs. That they express action, and that they are carried out by something or someone. They are behaviors, and apart […]

With the arrival of Christmas, everything seems celebrations, affection, and joy. However, these days an unexpected companion can appear anxiety. And no wonder. For many of us, the fact of having to organize for several dinners – family, friends, co-workers -, planning and buying the perfect gifts, organizing the time […]

A few years ago, two big-name entrepreneurs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, were asked the following question: if you could have a superpower, what would you have? Both American businessmen responded in the same way to the question. The superpower they wanted to have was to be able to read […]

If you want to watch less television or overcome your addiction to it, in case you are very hooked, these ideas will serve you. And, after the battery of proposals, you will find more reasons to motivate you to take time away from the TV. In case you need the […]

A series of tips on how to develop a life plan with projects that motivate us. A life plan is what helps us create all kinds of projects that underpin our personal development. Although in our lives there are things that we do not control, having a notion of continuity […]