It sometimes happens that a child who is older by age is more active than anyone else and prefers not to do anything. To sleep until lunchtime, “stick” to TV shows or computer games, refuse to help around the house, throw in hobbies and hobbies, “move out” in school, do […]

Obsessive thoughts and states are something that is almost impossible to imagine for a person who has never experienced them, and it is very difficult to crush someone who suffers from them. They can have different shapes and meanings, relate to completely different topics and aspects of life, but they […]

The realities of our lives are such that the vast majority of adults and children cannot imagine their life without a computer and the Internet – the most powerful tools for transmitting, processing and exchanging information. Such popularity of virtual reality is often the cause of unhealthy addictions, when teenagers […]

The Electra complex is the female counterpart of the more widely known Oedipus complex. The concept introduced by psychoanalysts has acquired a fairly large number of myths and stereotypes. In this article, we will try to figure out what is this complex, and how to get rid of it.

Many parents are interested in why their children are so attracted to advertising. As shown by independent polls, it is 4-6 years old kids, in contrast to the solvent adult audience, are left to watch ad inserts during television. The impact of advertising on adolescents and children is studied and […]

A closed child practically does not cause parents problems. He sits quietly alone, does not like noisy outdoor games, and avoids contact with peers and adults. Most often, problems arise when such an uncommunicative child is sent to kindergarten.

Self-esteem is a very important part of the life of the psychological state of any woman. Many women who have low self-esteem, live for years and do nothing with it. Of course, this greatly affects their emotional picture and the very existence in this world. Many of them are simply […]

It would seem that after successful graduation from school, the former high school student will always have success in everything. Most people believe that striving for excellence is the ideal of existence. But practice shows the opposite. Former ex-co-workers succeed in life, and the Pyatrochnikis are unable to build a […]

A summary of the types of behaviors classified according to several criteria, with their explanations. Talk, laugh, cry, read, eat … all these words have in common that they are verbs. That they express action, and that they are carried out by something or someone. They are behaviors, and apart […]