About Time Management

Why is it important

What makes an employee effective? In many respects, it depends on the work that he performs. For the surgeon, the accuracy of movements is important, for the caregiver in the kindergarten – care and understanding, for the accountant – mindfulness and scrupulousness, for the sales manager – communication skills and self-confidence. But there are qualities that all professions need. This ability in the developing world of information to highlight the main thing, set priorities, effectively manages their time, and be productive, despite the fatigue of emotion. All this helps to provide time management tools.

Time management is the training of conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities. Its goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of the employee.

About Time Management

Choose a single system for a task in the company

To allow your organization’s employees to use time management tools, select a single task-system for everyone.

When choosing a system, follow the following criteria:

  • Effective formulation of tasks. If I accomplish the task faster than putting it in the system, I will not use the system;
  • Presence of automatic reminders. This function helps to prioritize and not miss important tasks;
  • Convenience and clarity of the system. You can try on several employees and listen to their feedback on the system. If there are more advantages than disadvantages, implement it;
  • Ability to set deadlines. This is an important aspect that helps to plan the workflow and avoid the moment when the task becomes Important and Urgent for you;
  • All tasks in one place. Do not use different systems for different departments and tasks, otherwise, the time management will turn into stress and confusion.

Do not use the task-system for employee rewards and punishments

The main task of the task-system is to help employees to be effective. Do not keep in mind 150 tasks, terms and responsibilities. Get away from paper sources with a list of tasks. Do not waste time not sending schedules with tasks responsible. Understand how long this or that job takes.

If you decide to pay salaries or premiums based on the results of the tasks, want to reduce the staff, understand the load of each employee and add more tasks to him, then do not be surprised that the time for tasks to increase immediately, in the task-system there will appear insignificant tasks phone call or letter writing), and your employees will be demotivated.

About Time Management

Tell us about the mission and values of your company

Explain to the staff what you are putting into these concepts – what is the mission of the company, why did you choose such values. How the mission and values should be reflected in the work of employees. What decisions can employees take on their own, guided by mission and values? If your value is professionalism, it means that the whole team should work out in detail the offers that you make to the client and provide high-quality services. And the company at the same time undertakes to improve the professional level of its employees.

Tell the company’s development plans, at least for a year ahead

If you are invited to a celebration, you will certainly know who will be there, familiar or unfamiliar people, what format of the party, how long it will last, the address where it will be held, etc. Why does all this need to know? The answer is simple – you immediately lose the strategy of behavior (for acquaintances alone, with others unfamiliar), what to wear, what to go, what to give – you are building an action plan, setting priorities! The same will be done by your employees if they understand where the company is heading. They will correctly prioritize, will know in which directions to develop, which issues need to be given more time, and how to say “no.”

Explain the role of your department in implementing the company’s development plans

Understanding the importance and importance of your contribution to the common cause increases productivity and responsibility. After all, the very idea that you are involved in something important for business and incredibly cool, will add strength to you. And then the loss of time becomes less, the enthusiasm is greater, the result is more interesting.

About Time Management

Define authority and responsibility

It is important that the employee understands what results are expected of him. This will reduce the time lost by your employees to find out whether it’s work or not. To whom you can apply for certain questions. Time management tools will not work if your employee is running around for half a day to find out whether he needs to do this task or not.

Understanding the expected results will allow a person to plan the timing of the tasks themselves, choose the right solution. He does not need a nanny who helps plan. He clearly understands, for example, who signs the documents, and who repairs the equipment.

Do not use directive control methods

Let your employees set their own priorities and lead tasks. There are companies that use directive management methods and total control over the employee. Delay for 1 minute is a violation. The line of the task for 10 minutes is generally a mortal sin. You have already set priorities, planned your day, told what results are expected and, most importantly, when these results should appear. It seems like it should be an ideal time management. But somewhere creativity, initiative, the desire to think, to search for ways, solutions and opportunities, friendliness and desire to help a colleague disappears. And whence, it is asked, to take up amity and creativity? At this time is not allocated! Priority is not set! Such tasks are done for a “tick”, but not for obtaining the maximum result.

About Time Management

Therefore, support your employees in all undertakings and initiatives. Give feedback to your employees. And be sure to share information and knowledge

What does this have to do with time management? Sharing the best solutions, supporting initiatives, telling what decisions are right and why you form independent and self-sufficient workers who are able to manage their working time and understand for what purpose this is done.


Any time management tools will work if your employees understand where the company is heading, what contribution they make to the company’s development, how important their work is, on what principles the company’s decisions are made, what results from employees are expected. The main thing is to give them freedom of action, freedom of decision-making and prioritization. You will get not only effective but also motivated, involved employees – your employees will be able to surprise you.

Ashlyn Walker

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